Chicago man faces federal charges in Capitol siege


Faces charges in connection with last week siege at the U. S. Capitol. His neighbors say he's a vocal Trump supporter. Who has been apparently in trouble before WGN's Glenn Marshall has more from Jefferson Park. 40 year old Kevin James Lines was charged in federal court yesterday afternoon with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. FBI agents executed a search warrant at his home yesterday they could be seen carrying evidence from Kevin Lyons home and his vehicles. Kevin Lines is a H back technician. Ah, complaint showed how the suspect posted a map from his Jefferson Park home to D. C. He also posted a quote, saying quote are refused to tell my Children that I sat back and did nothing. I'm headed to D. C to stop the steel and quote. Now he's one of three locally charging amongst 70 nationally in connection to the siege on the Capitol in Chicago Tribune reports back in October Lines posted a photo of what looked like an arrest warrant with a caption that said. Schomburg PD didn't appreciate me taking the fight to antifa today. In this case, his bond has been set at $10,000. He's due back in court next week. State

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