Selena And Me

Latino USA


If i was somehow asked to say only one thing about the place. I'm from it would be that it. Has this unforgettable smell when it rains. It slightly floral but mostly. It's this very specific cool earthy desert aroma. And there's usually a calm clear breeze which carries these concentrated little pockets of fragrance. The smell comes from the creosote bush. A resilient plant that thrives only in this particularly arid landscape especially after a thunderstorm the bush releases a bunch of these oil compounds into the air stuff found in citrus rosemary pines and it just smells like the earth. Exhales creosote can live for thousands or tens of thousands of years. It's one of the oldest living things on the planet and here. This ancient brush grows at the foot of the franklin mountains and the valley they nestle below cutting through the desert valley is the rio grande dividing to cities and countries. Al paso texas to the north and south. What is in mexico to the south. This story my story long before. I became a journalist and moved to the east coast begins here. I remember seeing opazo from the hill. Where my morning lived. This is my brother. Jesse will actually. His name is kiss. Who says he goes by. Jesse he was five when i was born in. What is just a few miles from the border. One of his very first memories is looking across the border to the. Us we could she youtube. We could see the buildings highway could see the other signed. My parents could see the other side to in mexico. We lived in bath. These tenements studio apartments all connected through the same courtyard. Something like ten families shared one bathroom outside. My dad like a lot of folks already crossed the border practically every day to odd jobs in el paso like an act factory. He and my mom had to quit school by the age of thirteen to help their families. The other side of the border looked safer. Quieter the kind of place. That could afford my brother. And i the life. Our parents couldn't have when i was three. My parents took all the money they saved and moved us across the border to a small refurbish trailer in the most rural undeveloped outskirts of el paso county. The land was dry and flat untouched. And i remember getting off the car and seeing those huge tumbleweeds and under they're usually there's snakes snakes and when i moved out here there was always there was always snakes coming out. One of my earliest memories. Ever is the smell of creosote bush. Here we were ecstatic as a family. Love the trailer nelson demos on your house. Basically we still went to. What is every weekend. There was always cousin's birthday party or a baby shower or an anniversary in mexico. We made home videos at these big family parties. A bunch of kids speaking english and staying way late. I remember what is always being loud like fun loud. We danced into the early morning hours. At either of my grandmothers houses of root of cousins eating street tacos glistening in the dark amber of the mexican streetlamps. This was my early life mexico on the weekend. The states during the week soon i started school on the first day of first grade. My teacher called me mary. My actual name is linda unnamed down for my grandmother. My mom says no one ever asked her. If changing my name from monday to marry it was okay. She just kind of found out in an open house with c. Was we loping house when my teacher started talking about mary medicine. Meister this the my mother. Mary and she was like who's that on the mary mary. All it didn't even occur to my mom to object. We were knew she didn't speak english. We were undocumented students. Like i guess they'll call her. Mary

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