Census decision deals blow to Trump efforts on House seats


Donald trump's xenophobic effort to exclude people in the us illegally from being counted in the process for divvying up congressional seats was dealt another blow on wednesday when the census bureau's director indefinitely halted an effort to gather data on the citizenship status of every. Us resident bureau workers laboring to comply with the trump order. Were instructed to stand down and discontinue that data reviews census bureau director steven dillingham said in a memo gillingham's memo came after the office of inspector general reported on tuesday. That bureau workers were under significant pressure from to trump political appointees two years ago trump ordered the census bureau to use administrative records to figure out who is in the country illegally after the supreme court blocked his administration's to put a citizenship question. On the twenty twenty census questionnaire information about citizenship status could be used to implement another trump order seeking to exclude people in the country illegally from the count used for giving up personal seats and electoral college votes as well as the annual distribution of one point five trillion dollars in federal spending among the states an influential. Gop advisor has advocated excluding them from the apportionment process in order to favor. Republicans and non hispanic whites. Trump's unprecedented order on apportionment was challenged more than a half dozen lawsuits across the us but the supreme court ruled last month. That any challenge was premature. Dale ho director of the aclu's voting rights project which had challenged the apportionment order. Joe biden on wednesday to rescind. Its when he takes office. President trump tried and failed throughout his entire presidency to weaponize the census for his attacks on immigrant communities. Ho said it appears he has failed yet again.

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