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This episode leeann pleased to introduce you to one of the nation's top coaches for workforce professionals. His name is rich. G and he is the founder and principal of rich g high performance coaching in his role rich supports a broad range of people who seek to improve their on the job. Results and career outcomes. After nearly a year of workplace disruption from covid professionals are seeking ways to get unstuck to find and adopt new strategies. That will make them effective leaders in their field support. And that's where riches involvements with them truly payoff we cover a lot of ground in this episode including how rich engages with professionals to help them succeed but we also venture into other areas of discussion including how changes in the workplace affect worker performance and richest thoughts on how the gig economy will help us to find into meaningful work. I spoke with rich g in december. Twenty twenty over zoom ritchie. Welcome to the podcast dan. It's a pleasure to be here on a cold december morning. No it's raining outside so before we get started. I was wondering if you could tell us about your company. G high performance coaching. What is that exactly. And how do you provide value to your clients. That's a question. I get a lot because a lot of people don't know what coaching inns. So i usually start out whenever. I do a workshop or all webinar presentation of product group. I always start with this quote by buzz aldrin. There are people who make things happen and there are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened. Who are you going to be. Twenty twenty one. And that's really what encapsulates. Mike coaching is that i get you to make things happen. A lot of people sit by the sidelines ago. How did he do that. How did she do that. Oh my goodness. I get you there so i help people step back and look at their career or their business from the long perspective. What's working what isn't working. Is it time for a change. And that's a critical juncture. A lot of people are afraid of changing something that they think has worked for years in isn't working right now but they're afraid to change it to get them out of that comfort zone into an area that might scare them a little bit and most importantly how do i make that change. So let's talk about the high performers. You coach how would you describe them. And the work that they do high performers is kind of like a misnomer but those are the people out there. And you're probably wanna you are one but a lot of your listeners. Are high performers. There are people out there crushing it every day. But they feel that they might have hit a ceiling crest in their career or their business and they need someone to help them break through to the next level or they're stuck or have been blindsided in their career and have to get back up in start crushing again. So that's why. I'm not near life forever like cable tv. I'm there for about a months or a year or two to help you get back into crushing it. So what motivates someone to pick up the phone and call you rich well. They want to accelerate their success. That doesn't just mean money. It's increasing the challenges. The interactions the fund of business. We all look for and they pick up the phone because they realize they can't do it alone. They hear from a colleague or trusted friend that they should maybe hire a coach. It's very common for who's successful executives in business owners to have a coach. They don't advertise it. And i'm one of the best kept secrets in. Since

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