Lucasfilm and Ubisoft Announce Open-World STAR WARS Game


Well you might also want be ubisoft. Who announced wednesday that it. Swedish massive studio is collaborating with lucasville game. Lucasfilm games on an original story game set in the star wars universe. The game will use the snowdrop engine. Also used in tom. Clancy's the division electronic has exclusively deal for star wars games that expires in two thousand twenty three but he says it will continue to develop star wars games. Non-exclusive lucasfilm games also announced tuesday that an indiana jones game is in development with machine games. Scott i have a hunch. You're excited about the very excited about this as a as the gaming community i'll be there spokesman for the moment It's exciting stuff. Machine games known for their work on the wolfenstein Recent games those are excellent. first person shooters. This doesn't indicate whether that indiana jones game would be first person or not but back to the open world star wars stuff. There's been a little bit of stagnation with star wars licensed stuff since disney got a hold of all the licenses they stop their own internal studios disney's interactive went away And they moved everything to a or they may deals with the a for most of their exclusive licensing to star wars games that a couple hits in there a couple of big bombs some very controversial stuff with battlefront and microtransactions. And and that sort of thing Was at the forefront of that mess. So it's been kind of an ugly period or than just period and what it sounds like. Now they're they're basically saying all right. Look we've got we've got the lucas games. Banner back it's here and that is a lot of cachet a lot of history behind it Even outside of star wars related stuff. And we've got to be soft. Who makes really great. Maybe some of the industry's best open world games. They're open world style is very well known and respected And the division to not not that kind of open world game There's real prowess to that. And i think that that's the right team And given that when all the other resources they will be soft they should be able to make a really killer open world game. Which is my favorite kind of game. So i'm beyond excited about an open world star wars game made by a big city like this and it's nice to see him spread it around a little bit. Not be so exclusive exclusively. Ea

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