In Washington ahead of the


Really a tale of two cities around the White House in the mall, complex Armed National Guard members you're manning roadblocks, guns across your chest in front of military Humvees and trucks and then outside of that secure perimeter, it's quiet family's heir walking with her Children, people are riding their bikes. Security here is already tight. It will get even tighter heading into next week. Alex Stone, ABC News Washington and during President elect Biden's press briefing today on his plans for Corona Virus, one reporter shouted out a question that's on a lot of minds. Yes, He is a gentle soul. That's how the attorney for the Arizona Man Jake Chance, Lee describes his client who he's defending for breaking into the U. S. Capitol. Bare chested wearing face paint the horn hat Last week, attorney out Watkins tells the Gators and Chad show 33 years old. He lives with his mom. He is a shaman, a long standing shaman, a bonified recognized faith. In the United States. Chanceless facing multiple charges, including violent entry and disorderly conduct, his attorneys asking President Trump to pardon his client. Let's take a look

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