S2E86: SHMS 011421 - burst 57


Story real quick here it is. The rockets has james harden the net and a blockbuster fourteen tree they're also imbibed pacers and cavaliers completing in the unhappy stars exit from houston. I'm getting like you houston from houston and setting up. A potential super team in brooklyn they. The nets announced the trae on wednesday morning So they traded. The package includes chris liebenberg and Three first round draft. Pick the league source told. Espn that the rockets will trae. Lavertu the indiana pacers for victor adolfo. The rockets pacers and the end pacers have not yet announced that deal center gary allen and forward theron pride prints are headed to of a net from to the cavs so we training they got four trade for one person as i say okay so this so happened is the nets mortgage their future. Sort like instant gratification. Right now for the day was they. Got james harding. Who's one of the top players. And i'm not james harding fan. Because he's the type of he's the type that performs well barbie cologne tonight but when it comes down to like the championships or big playoff games he flops. He's that guy. I don't care that you could do direct at disney basketball folks or people. Whose knowledge was there. No doubt about this guy. He don't know what he's talking about. The no barbie. So he's that guy james haunting. Is that guy who will be one of the best players in the regular season. Okay me maybe that first round of the playoffs. Maybe but when comes to like really winning a game championship like michael jordan. But he's not. That guy was so he'll be hitting them bucket. He'll be hitting those bucket. He has horrible games. And that's how you get nervous so what they did was the nets new mortgage their future. Like i was saying there was picked up. James harding instant gratification. Superstar to go with kevin garnett and cari irvine. They traded to their best young basketball players. That was on the team. That one of them was starting. One was off the bench but these will really basketball players and they mortgage three years of first round draft picks for one man wow man and nine guy and they hit the luxury texan. Ambassador in. sports is a tax out. And you spend a certain amount of money on a player over it you have to. The team has the pay a tax on it. So james harding. Not only that comes with this. Big contract can afford it but comics like like one hundred million so they took a hit on that but now they have this these three guys. I believe that i'm a new york. Knick fan actually played the knicks last night and beat crowded next. I believe that if they don't get hurt they will go to the finals. I don't think they win anything of finals and only reason why. I don't think that they're winning the finals they get that far is because of james harding cagey they gonna lock them up on this. You can't nothing you could do it with kevin kline that discuss a scoring machine. But what they're gonna do in kyrie irving. Oh my god. I don't know nobody could stop that guy. But they're going to do is they're gonna james harding's gonna implode and himself because he just. He scored thirty points every night of the week but when it comes to the playoffs he's done and i'm not hating. This is just facts right. So i'm still a steadfast new york knick fan only but this is good for basketball i think again i. It's been a generational thing started with lebron james when he went to the team and had already superstar. Dwayne wade was day and the other guy can't remember the guy's name and know so so this is also trending that Basketball

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