How those $600 checks are being spent


We turn now to the gains to be had from those six hundred dollar relief checks. That started going out a couple of weeks ago and when we might expect to start seeing them show up in this economy. Marketplace's merrill cigars been talking to some people about how they are spending or not spending that money. When austin flannery in greenville south carolina got his six hundred dollar check he decided to splurge i on a barbecue dinner with his girlfriend. Brisket beans potato salad iced tea. But meals like seventy bucks then on some clothes like a fifty dollar pair of pants. Then he saw painting at a local store of some french actor from the eighteen hundreds. Who's all dressed up and smoking. A pipe bought that too. And then i went home and i was like man. He needs to be tattooed on me. He looked so elegant. So i got a tattoo of them on his forearm. Another four hundred bucks. When flannery got the first check. In this spring. He used it to pay off medical bills but he had just lost his job. An insurance company since then. He's gotten a new job luckily enough. I'm gonna financial place right now. Where i could afford to have a little bit of fun so i did. One reason. the government is sending out. Checks is so that people like flannery will spend money another is economic relief. I heard from people. Today who used the money to pay for necessities like rent heating oil in san diego catherine alinsky. Her husband got twelve hundred dollars. Some of that went toward just still trying to survive specifically gas and electric. They saved the rest alinsky. A hairstylist and her salon is currently shutdown. Honestly who knows what twenty twenty one is gonna look like for work for me and we always just want to be more prepared than less. A lot of people are using the money to set themselves up financially. Like hector enrico in chicago. Me and my fiancee. We plan to buy a house soon. So definitely trying to pay off debt to No build a credit get a better interest rate on the mortgage and he's using some of the money to buy raffle prizes for his students. He teaches phys ed at a pre k. Through eight public school. I like to give out little pedometers. I get them at like target sometimes. Thirty twenty bucks Jump ropes at the dollar store. One thing i heard over and over a lot of people are giving a portion of their check away. Two neighbors family members and charities like food banks. I'm maryelle tara for marketplace

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