D C police and the Capitol police about the threats of violence. We have also found out that


In Washington, D. C on inauguration day next week and possibly others, it's state capitals around the country Cocoa spliff. Albert spoke with Paul competitive. Retired sheriff's captain with the San Bernadino Sheriff's Department. Former executive director of the California Peace Officers, Standards and Trainings Commission and It's about the riots in the capital last week and what should be done to protect the inauguration. Some research since this happened last week. We've just found out that the FBI did, in fact, notify the D C police and the Capitol police about the threats of violence. We have also found out that There was there were several requests that were made on the day of and prior to from the Capitol police and then we also found out through different sources that the D C. Police It actually turned down a request from, uh, a assistance from the National Guard, because most likely they didn't want to, You know, quote unquote lose control and quote of the operation, and we see this quite often in situations where There's outside agencies involved. The first inclination is to try to do it themselves with their own resource is but unfortunately, what ends up happening is they end up with too many people and then they can't muster. The resource is to help them out quick enough, and then they could have tragic consequences based on your experience in law divorce, But obviously, as you said last week they had information about their possibly be violence event planned. How do you know when you're a law enforcement investigators and his federal agents going over social media sites? How do you know what to take as legitimate threats and warnings or just talk? Well, I would say that if you took into consideration the recent history Of events over the last couple of weeks. That in and of itself would lend more credibility to any reports that come out this week about the threat of violence that might happen in the coming days. It's well known in law enforcement that they do get a lot of information and a lot of intelligence throughout the year that something is gonna happen on a particular day and sometimes It's credible information and sometimes you really have to heighten your awareness more than other times. I would say at this point based on what I've seen what I've heard what I've analyzed the events of the capital last week. Every law enforcement agency in the in the city right now in the county and state or in the federal government should absolutely be prepared for anything and they should muster more resource is than they normally would. It's always better to have more than not enough in a situation like this. So what is your hope than next week? As you have surveyed this information and the plans for Preparation. What's your hope? Well, my hope is that number one that all of the law enforcement agencies across the country who have received this information will take it seriously, and I have no doubt. That they won't do that. My other hope is that that the local politicians in various jurisdictions have the unique opportunity to get the word out to the people that they support the efforts of law enforcement, and they support the efforts of the prosecuting agencies in advance. You know this past week we saw The sheriff here in San Diego County Bill Glory came out with

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