A highlight from Drawn To It Podcast - EP 52 - Robyn Daly, 3D Animator and YouTube Content Creator!

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Hey welcome back today. we're talking with daley. She's a three d. n. mater generalists but also a youtube content creator making tons of instructional. How to animation videos right here on drawn to it podcast. So i would like to know what was your spark from your childhood sort of planted that seed for you to grow up and become so infatuated with the creative process and animation drawing just creativity in general I think it was. It was kind of the escapism of it. Because we knew creating something like that. That's all you're out actually quite obsessive about whatever project. I'm currently working on. So i literally wake up thinking about it. I go to sleep thinking about it so for me instead. The it's that escape and it's kind of a form of therapy because you can put oil feelings and everything into that and kind of just keep them day rather than charging them around with you. So you from a young age. That's kind of what it was for me. right right. was it I relate to that. I i i share. That is scape ism route now for me. It was because Growing up i was in a broken home situation. And i just was always looking for a way thing. Yeah you relate to that. Yeah yeah it's funny. Yeah it's really interesting. I talked to a lot of creative to had the the fell into creativity. Whether it's drawing painting singing might be for that reason to sort of escape. The what was happening every day at home so i find that very interesting. I'm always relieved to hear somebody else. Say that And then i feel bad. Because i'm like yes. Somebody else went through that all. That's not a good thing to say so but a well that's cool and when you were in high school winded start to form in your mind that it was something you wanted to really pursue like for professional level. That type thing. I think i always wanted to do something creative. It wasn't really even. It wasn't even a consideration that i wouldn't end up doing something whatever it was. I didn't toy with the idea of they attend. You know that sort of thing but deep down. I knew that i actually do that. I would have to do something creative. It was just picking what like what would be stable enough. Because also back then when i was in school like nothing creative seemed like a stable career and everyone kind of soul creatives as you know the stopping artists that sort of trump. It's different now but back then it was like that so it was just a just a case of finding what it would be. That would be doing. Yeah yeah and did you have a support system in the high school years because now in high school they've my son in three d. printing modeling and coding. And all this we didn't have we were carving in linoleum and then definite and paint print. That was that was it. You know that that's a really like super cool compete with the critics. That was the extent of it. We with with credit nervous that yeah we did. Those little hockey puck watercolors to those lame. Yeah no but now. They've got three d. printers in the schools. And you know every.

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