A highlight from 442: Senators Open New Season; Hockey Fights CAN Turn the Tide; We Want More More 3 on 3 NHL Hockey


Hey everyone welcome to our show. It's another podcast week in the books. And i'm not gonna lie. The weeks seem to be blazing past. But i did want to stop down to say. Thank you to everybody. Who's been listening regularly even if you've only been listening once in a while we invite you to connect with us anytime and if you're enjoying the show giving us a little boost would be so appreciated. It's all super easy. Staff word of mouth huge. If you have followers and friends that you know would like this show. Please tell them about it sharing link on social media's great If he hit subscribe that helps to. You'll never miss a show leaving a nice review on apple or whatever your player is you can get a patriot membership. It's as little as the cost of a pint of beer once per month lately. We've been doing some video. Jim and i so you can see of the video version of what we're doing here and i wanna thank brian kane who just became a member on the jumbotron tear. Thank you brian and Yeah connect with this anytime. All the

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