A 22% drop. All right. Thanks a lot.


Out there. 35, plus wind gust from time to time, Otherwise sunny high right about 60. We'll check out the rest of forecast. See when the winds subside when we talk to Terry Smith in about eight minutes, right now, 43 your officials Severe weather station NewsRadio. 7 40 Ktrh. It's time for the news Here Share Friar. Good morning. Everyone has cell 6 32 on NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh. This news is sponsored by Oak Harvest Financial Group, The top story this hour the call from teachers and unions to shut down schools. Seems to come every day. But there's a new study showing that transmission of covert in schools is extremely rare. Haven't we been telling you this? Here's ktrh is Jeff Biggs. Well, we have. We've basically known that from the beginning, and so when you hear a story like in L A where kids won't be allowed to return to school until they get the vaccine, education expert Jean Burke says it's unbelievable. 20% of people die from the flu. And you know, we've been sending our kids of schools for years when when it's flu season. They're showing our school's out our churches down our jobs down. I think it's time that we wake up. This is not about the vaccine. And what about here in Texas, where parents still have a choice? I think it's in the way you're I do think that were opened up and a lot more than a lot of other places. I think you as a parent can make the decision if your child to go to school or not, But you'd be told they can't go to school is a different situation. Also more numbers share a Texas public schools have seen a drop of 3% in enrollment this year. It's even worse with pre K a 22% drop. All right. Thanks a lot. Joe Biden, Meantime, making some big promises when it comes to getting you vaccinated for covert. He's promising 100 million doses in his 1st 100 days in office. She Who's made the order to roll those out. We'll have to move heaven and earth. Get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated to mobilize more medical teams to get shots and people's arms. The big lie, Biden, calling the roll out of the vaccine, a dismal failure so far. You know the same people who said it couldn't even be devised designed by now. He didn't share any details about how he's going to personally get those 100 million doses out there. He claims while he's gonna lay out the details today, 965,000 Americans filed for unemployment last week. That's the most since August. In Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says white collar energy workers in the financial sector are feeling the effects of these covert shutdowns. A lot of those people are involved in trading. They're involved in delivery contracts. They're involved in managing pipelines. When there's less product flowing, there's less need for people in those positions.

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