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You tonight. Because jesus loves you i know i know some of you are cynical about love and i get that and i didn't grow up in an affectionate home. I've told you before my mom was very divorced seven times and had a bunch of boyfriends in between and she never showed affection toward me. She never said i love you to me so it was very hard for me to accept love and of a certainly hard for me to give love. I remember the first time i went to a church. And some random person walks up to me and throws her arms around me and says i love you brother and i'm thinking gimme out of this place. I couldn't connect there. It was hard for me. And i think some of you feel that way right now. I i don't really wanna feel that love accepted love. No listen god loves you. God loves you and he can transform tonight now when they say god loves you. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want you to change. When i say god loves you just as you are. That doesn't mean that he wants to lead you that way. One of my favorite stories in the bible is a story. Jesus told this show us what god is like that. Of course we all know this story. It's called the story of the prodigal son were a father had a son that well ran away and he took his portion of the inheritance and he made a mess of his life and was involved with hookers and drinking and partying and lost all of his money. In one day the boy came to a census and said. I'm going to go home because you know what that boy knew. His father loved him. And the boy said when i get home. I'll just say dan. I'm not even worthy because your son anymore. Just gimme a job as a hired hand. Whatever anything's better than where. I've been in this miserable state but jesus who told this story. There's show us what god is like. Says while the boy was still a great ways off the father saw him and randy him and kissed him and by the way on the original language it means kissed him again and again and again and said this. My son was dead is alive again. He was lost his now. Notice that it doesn't say the father said whoa meant san where you've been you stink. Take his shower. Change your clothes then. i'll accept you know. The father accepted him as he was. But then the author said get some clean clothes and boy go get yourself cleaned up so you don't see in your life up and come to christ you come to christ and he'll clean your life up. You come as you are with your problems in your since you come with your addictions. Whatever your problems. Are you come to him. Listen to this. Jesus loves immoral. People ona read you a story from the bible. John chapter eight. It tells the story of a woman caught in the act of having sex with some guy. And here's what it says. As jesus was speaking the teachers of religious law and the pharisees brought a woman caught in the act of adultery. And they put her in front of the crowd teacher. Jesus this woman was caught on the very active adultery. The law of moses says donor. What do you say there. Were trying to trap him into something that could use against him. But jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with his finger. They kept demanding an answer and said to him. Well what are you going to do. And jesus turns and says all right let the one among you who is without sin throw the first stone and then jesus stoop down again and road and the dust. When the accusers heard this they slipped away. One by one starting with the oldest and only jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman then jesus stood up instead of the woman. Where you're accusers. Didn't one of them condemn you. She said no. Lord jesus said neither do i condemn you. Go and sin no more. I love that story. Why don't we just pause for a moment. And let's pray now father as we think about your love your love. That is so great. You center son. Jesus to demonstrate it by dying on the cross i pray this message or resonate with everyone here in this stadium with everyone watching everyone listening wherever they are lord has them see their need for you. Help them to come to you. We ask this in. Jesus name they met you know as we look at this story we can see religion in some ways can be worse than almost any sin and some ways. The religious leaders were more sinful than the woman caught in the act of having sex with some guy. You're saying i'm losing you greg. What are you talking about religions. A good thing in fact. Aren't you a religious person. Then i hope not. I do not want to be a religious person. You know why. Religious people are aware. Come on. it's true there where they're just strange people. I don't wanna p one of those people now. I suggest you these weird religious people were weird before they became religious and now they're just weird religious. They're just weird people. Okay so. I don't know what i can say to you. How many of you are weird. Raise your hand okay. You know who you are. That's good you can be saved weird but you probably still be weird. But that's okay. God still loves you but to see. Here's the point. I'm trying to make their religion. Kept them from jesus. Their religion caused them to have hate and anger and condemnation for this woman. And that's the problem with religion. It can harden your heart to. God is way greg is in christianity. A religion technically. Yes it is. But it's far more than a religion. Christianity simplified is a relationship with god through jesus. Christ it's christ living in your heart. I ask you. Tonight is christ living inside of you say well. I don't know if you don't know maybe he's not there and we can see that change tonight and i'll give you a chance to ask christ to come into your life. So here's this girl is. She's kapalua bunch of religious dudes. Called the scribes and pharisees. They catch her in the act. Hey maybe even set her up and by the way. Where's the guy in this story right. He's missing just. The girl is caught. You know this so often happens with girls guys. Take advantage of you. Know it's been said that men kids love to get sacks and girls give sex to get love a guy will say anything. He needs to say to get a girl in bed with them. Okay oh i love you. I love you love you. And then when he gets you where he wants you he'll kick you to. The qurban gone to next conquest but girls will give love. They'll give sex rather to get loved they want affirmation but nowadays of course everything goes and girls are hitting on guys and and wanting to sexual conquest and that way as well. But here's the problem. Then the girl becomes the victim. Maybe she gets pregnant. Well now what do. I do wonders. Well just get an abortion. Let me just say this to you. Don't get an abortion. You don't wanna take the life of an innocent unborn. Child made in the image of god. If you get pregnant outside of being married you carry that child determine you put that child up for adoption. There's plenty of people that want to adopt children. Lot of christian people want to adopt them. By the way i was conceived out of wedlock. I was not planned. I'm sure glad my mom carried me to term and so god has a plan for every person. Listen there's no illegitimate children. Maybe he'll legiter illegitimate moms. And dads for no illegitimate children. God loves everyone. So you might find yourself in that state and this girl's caught and she doesn't know what to do and cheese thrown down before jesus. Now here's what is amazing. They thrower

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