Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too


Donald trump's lawyers say the impeachment case against him is an extension of a democratic witch hunt based on hatred and they're denying trump incited the capital right the defense says house prosecutors manipulated the then president's words to backers in a speech before the attack lawyer Michael Vander Veen says yes trump did tell them to fight like hell but so what politicians have said that for centuries and he showed a video of Democrats doing the same sparrows the homepod Chrissy and faults indignation but vanderveen ignored that the president's remarks that day and for weeks before were aimed at mobilising backers to undermine the election he falsely claimed was stolen Democrats like Maisie Rodo argue the president knew exactly what he was doing he had to have known that there will be violence they're prepared for violence and he just lit the match in an evenly divided Senate trump is all but certain to be acquitted in a vote as soon as tomorrow Sager mag ani Washington

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