CDC to release new guidance telling schools how to reopen


Dona as NPR News. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to release new guidance today. It is intended to help schools reopen. NPR's Corey Turner reports. There has been confusion over where the Biden administration stands in the school reopening debate. In recent days. CDC director Rachelle Wolinsky has said schools should be the last place is closed and the first places opened. She's also said that schools can safely re open even if teachers have not yet been vaccinated, a statement that angered many teachers. The White House later said Wolinsky had been speaking in a personal capacity. CDC Scientists also published an article last month, saying data show little evidence that school's contribute meaningfully to the spread of covert 19. In spite of all this, the White House set a low bar this week for its promise to get schools reopened, saying classroom teaching should be happening at least one day a week. They hoped to do

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