Datto Explains His New Found Fatherhood

GG Over EZ


Hi-de-ho my name's mr fruit and today we're going to be doing episode g. g. easy seventy two and revenue. I think this last night because he called me out on a delirium that like new viking game he called me out that he says in his intro. Hi-de-ho everyone and not hi-de-ho everybody everybody that does like an impression of his always goes to hi-de-ho everybody i was definitely everyone. Yes but when you did it you said everyone i was. I was always going to say everybody but we everyone was like fuck like 'cause i everybody. I am a mr fruit stand. I am mr fruit. You are day and he is mr fruit. Today's podcast we talk about the new kind of life. Data has acquired with the saving of a puppy. Knock pep talk today. A little bit of a destiny talked to and a lot of Gee-gee over easy questions from the stands really appreciate you guys listening today.

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