Alastair and Naomis Love Story - A Valentines Special

Dog Tales


So the the way we met is actually. It's it's kind of epic in a way. Because i so i was just out of drama school and i was doing a show at the end of her fringe festival and i always wanted to see show children of eden and i saw that it was showing so i definitely had to go see that show. I was loan aways how good it was the people in the show of contested so i wrote a rave review about it on the fringe website. Then the next night. I went to see another show called songs for new wilt by jason robert brown and outside the theater. This woman offered me half price ticket. I didn't have any cash. So i ran to get some cash at a very near atm. While i was in that show the children of eden that aj went in saw and he apparently wanted to say hello to us after but he chickened out because we are a younger caste. I just graduated from high school. And i had my last hurrah with my high school theater group at the fringe festival so he wanted to say hello after but he was scared because we were younger would have been inappropriate thing so i happen to be in align the day day later to see songs for a new world and i saw this gorgeous boy walk by and that's me and i stopped and i said oh my goodness that's my husband. I should go talk to him. And then he started talking to my best friend's mom so when he went away to go get cash. I walked up to her. And i said let me sell that boy that ticket so i came back and does exactly what she did though she did say so. You only need one ticket. That was how i was flirting. And we did the transaction and then he came and stood in line with us and sent next to you as well because we found out. Obviously you're in the show. The i saw the ira view about and it was just this very serendipitous. Should the night that we sat together in the theater. I had never been more sweaty in my life. Because i was so nervous. I was sitting next to this gorgeous person. And i wanted to be cool and that nervousness caused me to sweat profusely. I don't know how you are feeling babe. I was fine because note. Because i wasn't sitting next to an amazing person but because i was in my mind i was thinking all right. Well i'm not gonna flow with this person because they're international and that's not good idea and also i'd been burned relation as well so i was like just trying to stay away from any old drama as it were so a an eighteen year old. Go from california was like all kinds of dramas like nah. I'm not. I'm not nothing about this though i will say. She was like stunningly beautiful. And i remember being captivated by her is as well and then off to the show. It was really funny. She and i'm so glad she did. She did this she said. Can i be a lame american and take a selfie selfie because we didn't call themselves he's back in two thousand seven. They weren't invented yet. I asked him. Will you take a photo with me. And i like flipped it around like you do with your normal camera and i took a picture and that was the first day that we met in. That

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