Georgia District Attorney Is Investigating Trump's Call To Overturn Election


That may not be going away after this trial, the former president's calls to Georgia officials challenging the election results here. Or its firing power. George, You got a lot of air time and mentioned in this entire impeachment proceeding because of the Seine. Ralph W. Must be political analyst Bill Crane, the Fulton County district attorney, is expanding her probe of election irregularities here. Funny. Willis is investigating South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham over a call he made to George's secretary of state is part of the Dia's investigation of possible election wrongdoing last November and this past January, Secretary Secretary of of of State State State Brower Brower Brower Rapids, Rapids, Rapids, Burger Burger Burger said said said at at at the the the time, time, time, Senator Senator Senator Graham Graham Graham asked asked asked if if if he he he had had had the the the power power power to to to throw throw throw out out out Malian Malian Malian ballots ballots ballots in in in some some some counties. counties. counties. Charlie O'Brien, 95.5 WSB

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