Vinny Guadagnino

Pratt Cast


No worries dude super pumped about today's episode. We have our second guessed from jersey shore. Gracing the airwaves of the wells cast. He was on the mass dancer. It is not a cookbook called the kito guido cookbook. Which is a funny name. I gotta be honest with you. Is ellen show called jersey shore now on their show called jersey shore family vacation schokaldberg prank show called double shove love. He's got a clothing line actually travel show with his mom like literally the guys done every freaking tv. Show that's ever been created. But i'm telling you what what you see on. Tv isn't all that is our guest today when you think jersey shore you think big dumb lovable italians right big lovable talion. They may be but dumb. Isn't what's happening with our guest today. This do graduated college with a three point nine. Gpa in three and a half years was a poly sci major looking to become a lawyer and then things happen get thrown a show while like delivering pizzas for is oncle and bing bang boom. Got seven million tv shows on now really excited to have this guy in the show of his for very long time. This is one episode. You guys are not going to want to miss on the wells cast today. it's vinny guadagnino seriously guys. Don't go anywhere. You're gonna love this one to show you how easy it is to file a claim with gyco. We hired a soap opera star. Gracious me

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