A highlight from When Depression Gets Worse on an Antidepressant


When depression gets worse on an antidepressant it doesn't necessarily mean the patient has bipolar disorder. Will that they are sensitive to medications. Today we detail seven explanations for this paradoxical phenomena. Welcome to the car lexicon. Podcast kevin psychiatry honest since two thousand and three. I'm chrissie the in chief of the carlisle psychiatry report. And i'm kelly newsom. A psychiatric can pay a dedicated reader of every issue. This month we featured a new study on an old controversy can antidepressants caused violence. The study is the best design one. We've seen tackle this question which dates back to the early nineteen nineties. When case reports described on fluoxetine the idea it goes against the grain of practice whereas arise riser used to trade anger and aggression due to conditions like personality disorders and intermittent explosive disorder. But it reminded us of another issue. One that we see a lot more often in clinical practice can antidepressants make depression worse. This is the kind of problem that even if it's rare you're likely to encounter in psychiatric practice because the majority eighty percent of anti-depressants a prescribed in primary

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