Is Lara Trump the Future of the Republican Party?

The Daily Dive


Where does the republican party go from here. How much do they go back to trump or you know. How much do they kind of. Rebuild this mega faction of the republican party. Going back to lindsey graham. He said that you know richard. Burr obviously is going to be retiring. This just opens up the senate seat for lara trump president trump's daughter in law. So that already kind of laying the groundwork he's saying that she's the future of the republican party. I think that anyone trump in their last name is going to struggle to win office. I think that they will have money and some support but there will also be a lot of opposition even within the party. Sort of even a quiet structural level can make it difficult to run. But i think that The party doesn't know. I think the leadership of the party doesn't know and i think you've got the josh hollies type cruises of the world. Who would be happy to continue in that. Populous trump approach. And then you've got the benz asses and the mitt romney's who want to abandon that and find a new way forward and i think they're really going to be fighting it out over the next. Several years

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