The Disappearance Of Angel Garcia


So this is the disappearance of garcia angel was born on march fifth of nineteen ninety-two when he was ten years old his parents laura. Oh and ralph garcia separated a time which saw angel and his mother grow very close the family which also included his sister rose. Ynez lived in hartford connecticut where the children drew up being taught. That family was the most important thing in two thousand and eleven angel was living with his mother and his girlfriend at fourteen months. A myra serano the peered met through facebook in their relationship had grown serious quite quickly before long. A meyer head moved into the family home with thirteen year. Old son whom angel got along with the living situation inspired angel to begin cooking more and he would often make dinner for each night for the rest of the household nineteen year old angel had attention deficit disorder which caused the struggle in school and as such. He wasn't the most punctual student and had fallen behind a couple of years while they tried the medication. In the past he disliked the way it made him feel so he stopped taking it. Despite being behind he was determined to earn his high school diploma in september of two thousand eleven angel. Got a red honda dirt bike. Which is described as having been his pride and joy. He told laura and his father had get that his father had given the money to purchase it and he spent almost every day with it washing it and driving it along trails in the streets of hartford on the evening of october twentieth to south. Two thousand eleven. Laura returned home from work to find angel at dinner waiting for her as it was ten pm and she was tired. She decided to head to bed without eating the next morning. Laura was getting ready for work and saw angel was still in bed. Assuming he'd be getting up soon to head to school. She left the house however angel at other plans at ten thirty. Am angel went to see his friend. Joel with whom he had planned to dirt bike with and the pair went the joel's uncle's house which had a field behind it. The pair road together for a few hours angel on his bike. Enjoy on an atv until the rain outta gas. After the pair pushed back the drills ankles house angels said he was going to continue writing and east hartford. Joel declined to go with him. Citing other plans at one pm joel watched angel ride off alone heading east. At nine thirty pm laura was getting ready for bed when she noticed angel wasn't home however she had work in the morning so she went to bed assuming he would be back at some point right in the middle of the night. Laura awoke to yellow yelling echoing in front of the street below her bedroom. A voice which sounded like angels at said go ahead break it laura laughter room in a panic and ran into a in the hallway who had also been awakened by shouting. The pair ran out the front porch but found. The street was empty when they returned inside. Laura myra angel was but his girlfriend did know saying he hadn't been answering the returning calls. She said she had last spoken to him around eleven. Am the previous morning. When he'd been out with joel despite him promising to call her back in the day he never did in a meyer had assumed he had no service or that. His cell phone had died.

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