Big Bat, Loud Music: The Marcell Ozuna Experience

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Well david the braves made a run all the way to the last season and marcelo soon. It was a huge part of that. Can you remind us just how productive he was for the braves throughout this shortened season extremely productive at three thirty eight with a one thousand sixty seven opie s led the al in both homers with eighteen and rb is with fifty six high towering. Fly ball tepe center. Make it a three hundred night over. The batter's i straightaway center. I don't know if i've ever seen a ball go up there at fenway. I was saying the same thing up with the cameras are. He's a threat to win the triple crown. The last weekend in the season when his average fell back just a little bit still finished third batting average so he led the league in total bases. One hundred forty five was tied for second next since with thirty two and was third both obt at four thirty one and slugging percentage six thirty six so like i said extremely productive. If you watch a braves game you don't have to look too far for some marcelo. Zona antics was oona. Hits this ball eight hundred feet after he hits it he does a nice little stroll towards first and then he decides you know what. I'm just going to take a selfie right here. Tell us a little bit about his personality. What it meant for the clubhouse this past season. I can't think of another player that they could have signed to a one year deal like they did him a year ago in january and still have had in a year of kovin to have somebody come in and have the kind of profound impact he had on a team. You had to have a personality like he has which was really outgoing. He's a kind of gregarious guy. Everybody on the team lights. Not just what he does on the field but in the club house the energy the zone as a total package in every plays he's revered is kind of guy that he's so likable that he can play at boombox with salsa music at three in the morning on the team bus from the airport hotel. Crank it up and everybody just smiles instead of going turn off. That's the kind of personality has everybody loves. it was gonna signed a one year deal with atlanta. Just before last season he became a free agent and after months of uncertainty he finally decided to resign with atlanta. Recently four years sixty five million dollars for a guy that brought incredible protection to freddie freeman in his mvp year he exceeded expectations in atlanta. As you wrote david. His personality was on display during a recent zoom. Call with some reporters. What did you learn about his philosophy. Well he kind of put it specifically he said. I cannot have a bad day on the field as person. War is still happy because no everyday you will not be perfect day. You will not you. When i made they walk there. Were right so you had to be like in in in google. Not every day. You're going to make the world right so you have to be like always in a good mood. I don't worry about just going happy and bringing Like let's go. Let's go from it up meals. -i duck fung joke everything long. Talk have fun joke everything. That's the way you put it at the kirby cross. Everybody was just laughing as perfect. That's you. He refuses to let disappointments during the day whether they be over. Four day with three strikeouts or somebody on another team acting like an ass. It just doesn't let any of that. Get to take a person. Let's all roll off his back and kind of sees his role as always being there to bring everybody else up be energetic and spread that everybody

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