A highlight from Considerations for Masters Athletes with Kristine Cormier and Bruce Guitard


And well hello. Everyone and welcome to the coach plans pot us. I'm stephanie and i'll be your host episode. Today i had the pleasure to be with. Bruce retire and foreseen cormier urban master obsolete and our province were involved in many beautiful things port-related so without further ado. We'll be. we'll be getting a little updates of what they've been up to lately so let's get pristine mike. Hi christine hi stephanie. Thank you for being with us today. So what have been some of the good things you've been up to lately. I'm training for a triathlon. Are hoping that lots more people will get vaccinated and we came get race season started so i had an event plan last year. I got postponed due to kobe. But now i defer to another event here. In canada i also. Hopefully that will happen other. I'm doing some courses to get myself certified as a triathlon coach. I completed my cycling one and on finishing off flies. Funny one right now. that's some. I remember preceding the last nine while actually the first time i met you was in a triathlon course which i was very impressed in. I really like a lot. What you're doing in a community so multi line is a big one pretty cool. Chris is having a hard time on his mountain. There will get in touch soon. Don't on us and christine. The next thing. I wanted to know you mentioned. You're doing your course you're also part of the Ah program which coach she brunswick this year aren't you yes. I am the head coach for our try. Long brunswick youth and junior program Getting them ready for the games and twenty twenty two and also. The plan is is focused on long-term developing athletes under the age of nineteen and as young as thirteen. So we have a big group of kids. Fourteen ieng right now and No we've had to pivot and and be creative with our doing her training right now. So right now. They've been pretty much a virtual but with the You know the tool that we have available out there with some some gaming sites such as like ruby swift stands full gas. There's so many options out there that you know we're we're doing our best school. That will come back to some about. What about you. Bruce beside going up a mountain right now. Well if okay so if we start with new. This isn't really new rigorously. Since kobe his honestly i might swerve all over the road. Now this elevation foot yeah. I don't know kobe as far as me as an athlete other than a coach and mentor died. And everything else i do in life. It kicked me in the in the but you know scott's a training and and

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