Capitol Hill Insurrectionist, John Sullivan, Paid $35,000 for Capitol Hill Video Footage


Thanks, Adam. I want to talk about your piece of American greatness, which I think is really interesting. And the headline is is the corporate leftist media rewarding riots? Tell our listeners about that. How is the corporate leftist Media rewarding whites. Okay, so there's been a fascinating crack into the behind the scenes. What's going on between this kind of pipeline between Social justice warriors and the corporate media? And this has come about because of guide by the name of John Sullivan. Now, John Sullivan wasn't organizer for Blom and aligned riots and demonstrations. In fact, he's previously been arrested for playing a role in a riot which somebody was shot that Motors was shot for trying to just pass from intersection in Utah, and he's giving speeches denouncing Donald Trump. But somehow he found himself in with that strong that penetrated the Capitol building in January 6 and he's accorded everything and as he was recording, he recorded himself encouraging the other riders to the Capitol building down to break down doors. He even recorded himself confessing to breaking a window. Then when he's that we've done with the riot. He went to several media interest, including CNN, ABC number of other interests, and he sold the footage of the right the right that he helped direct the he participated in It is he encouraged. He sold these the footage and he got a lot of money for it. He got $35,000 from CNN. I think he got another $35,000 from another major network. When you put them all together, it probably runs somewhere between 80,000 and over $120,000 just for his footage of himself helping to direct this this Capitol Hall that even had only just just cause you for a second, Adama, five. Might. It just kind of emphasize that point, So here's a guy he's a left wing activist disease. An anti trump activist. He's got a violent history participating in riots. He goes to Washington on January 6 and he's one of the people you know, doing this riot that everyone tells us is being carried out by pro Trump partisans. Certainly not true in his case, and he films himself, he films the riot. He films himself, encouraging people to burn down the capital. And then he goes out and Mainstream, allegedly mainstream news outlets like CNN and ABC. Hey, him sums, adding up to something like $80,000 to reward him. For his part in this riot that they they all say they're so appalled by. That's just astonishing that the circuits getting better, eh? So he actually he filmed himself. One of things he filmed himself doing was intimidating to Capitol police officers into abandoning their posts so that the crowd could continue past that door. So after after he was done with this, his brother recognized, got the name of James Sullivan recognized him in some of these videos that were released on the news, and he turned his brother into the FBI. So finally the FBI goes to this. Then the interview of he'd missed everything freely gives the FBI access to all the videos and the U. S. Attorney ends up indicting him. Or pretty much the same crimes. But all these other trump supporters were indicted for, but there was an important difference. The Trump supporters were typically given either very high bail or held with no bail. Number of are just being held in prison with no way of getting out while they await trial, and it could take a year. It could take two years to get to get to trial. So you know, I mean, it's pretty terrible sanctions, but this guy John Sullivan. He was let out at any bail. He was just let out on his own recognizance. And then a zoo conditions of this freedom is free freedom. He was told not to engage in his activities that he does for a company he founded, called Insurgents USA. He immediately violates those restrictions, and the government comes back to court and said Hey, he violated his restrictions his conditions of release We want him taken to custody. The magistrate judge's reaction to this is to say Well, the restrictions are too tough. So instead of making them post a cash bond or taking him into custody She relaxes the restrictions. It's a swell you can continue getting on social media and saying what? Pretty much whatever you want. You just can't organize any violent riots. But he could, you know, do he's free to do whatever whatever he wants beyond that, So you know, this is idea and journalist ethics that you're not supposed to pay people to create stories. But John Sullivan, one of the reasons he is being allowed to do this is he's made the case to the court. Persuasively was persuaded the court of this, but this is what he does Insurgents USA. The business model is he attends these riots and these violent events and he gathers hot footage of it, and then he sells it back to the networks. Of course, he has an incentive to try and stir things up and make things a little bit more exciting, then that's exactly what he did in the capital. He encouraged people to commit very serious felonies. And, uh, when he was arrested, they basically just let him Wait for trial without without taking him into custody. It's really it's really an incredible story. It really is. And then and then, when he gets caught identified and caught, he actually gets preferential treatment compared compared with the other riders, the ones that he was urging on. And as you say he actually helped to get others inside the Capitol building by intimidating to of the capital guards. That were the regarding one

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