Why Kendall Jenner's tequila is being criticized


Let's move onto kendall jenner and her tequila. Yes yes that's the man that's the on. Let me see. Let me see if i got this tweet. The tweet basically said that went viral was on a meeting. My laptop jenner's tequila is called eight. One eight directs. So yeah so. The streets said kendall jenner starting to heal brand with zero knowledge of on mexican culture and colony eight when they think is gentrification the eight one eight does not claim calabasas. What about those smaller family owned mexican tequila scholar brands. They deserve the hype. And so now the tweet that went viral. That i did see. So the issue is the fact that she's naming the eight. She's really not funny when she's from calabasas which is like the rich part of the when he was also probably lived in. Encino on again is the rich part of the day when eight valley super super valley. But it's been terrible of our above. There is a little bit different situation financially. Ya but see years you bring up a good point. Let the tweet said. Why don't we give the attention to the mom and pop brands. And that's so true like white. Why don't we warming because we like what we like to think. A companies have done better job making better tequila branding. It better But do i am. I offended as a mexican offended. That kendall is starting to a meal chettle speaking. I'm not offended. You gotta look at it like this to. I'm sure the people producing the la are from cadiz. Go so right. Yeah so that in a way she's generating jobs down in mexico more. Holly i mean it's taken from the mexican heritage but she's also financially given given to the people in a way i mean they're working for but you look at george clooney right. What does he cuss amigos. First of all people love to hate the card ashes number one number two eight one eight probably pissed people off so you know that's the thing that she has some strikes against her and that's what's helping. You would also sucks though. I'll say this. I don't think people were coming at the rock. They coming at george kalonzo weather coming at for brand only female. That's another way that. I i see what you're saying. I see why it within a female though. It's the cardiac. I think more than right leslie. I am dj for them. And i know you're going to play you know you're going to be polite here. But other people love to hate on them right. Oh yeah absolutely. Like they have to really. It's like they're walking on eggshells almost the questions. They just have to be very careful. Which is why i think they should have probably thought of the name a little bit more. You know but then again who's to say like like you said jeff. They grew up in the eight one eight. It wasn't. It wasn't the hoodie way. But it was still the eight one eight personally. I don't have a problem with it. I would have done more research on the name and she could've done like all the sisters together like you know named it. Four sisters done that in spanish lot. Cut akilah yeah. I like that would have been cool. I hope that when she campaigns for this tech you can talk when she campaigns for this tequila. I hope that she incorporates. The real eight one eight campaign you know like like panorama city point did all those cities and so more in san fernando. Panorama city pajama friggin. A north hollywood is where i was born so like i just really really hope that that she she you know incorporates the actual culture the actual mexican culture and eight when he culture in her campaign by the way the keillor's produced by gopher essay are the seven distillery. And how these again. She's providing jobs in a way. And and and i guess taking from us as mexicans culture right but i tequila that grew and kendall at you need some models for your camp pay the cruise show including you. Got the crucial baby girl. We will do sponsorship right here.

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