Off The Record // Ask An Expert // Finance ft. Eric Nghiem - Ep 1



I would've guys welcome back to off the record where we talk about whatever we want on on on this segment. We have asked an expert. And we got eric. Here was an accountant so we can ask him all of our finance questions. So what does accountant do. And where do they dress like. The camera accountant sever and is that. How you present yourself to the world in your world of profession you also told me your money mentor like what are the. What are the services that you offer and What's your background got. It got it man. There's a lot of questions. Yeah so number one. What does an accountant. You basically help business. Owners or business entrepreneurs reconciled understand how their money is working how it's flowing in how it's flowing out determine if your profit not We also give guidance on how the grow and scale companies or even like. Hey if you want to sell your company how to position your company and be in the best position to sell it. So that's what accounts generally do. There's a lot of different specialties. In it just like a doctor doctor could be a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon or a dermatologist. My main focus is a purely focus a lot on the taxation side things on taxation and also on mentoring business owners on how to scale and grow their business. So that's what i focus on doing in terms of my address like usually when folks think of an account usually think of god like glasses and a pocket protector and a calculated inviting guys receipts thing and for me. I've been an honest person. Saw sixteen and not turning forty two in about a month or so and i've always wanted to put a different spin on a on accountancy like not boring guy. I love having fun and doing stuff. And just this is a different way of kind of like presenting myself. That's that's. I think like actually who. I am authentic to i as opposed to living that professional like accounting type of shropshire patch. Adams

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