Author Angela Chen Discuss her book 'Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex'


And what. I really liked about this book because i think a sexuality something that's so unexplored culturally. It's just it's it's it's such a service to the book and also the community and yourself it's written both in a way that feels journalistic but also that feels inviting. How intentional was that. That feels like that must have been pretty intentional. It was intentional but it was also uncomfortable. So i told me more in my day job. I'm actually science and tech journalist. I do one health. I do a lot of stuff on. Ai and you know is going to take over the world and replace us you know that. Gonna stop which. There's just not a lot of room for personal narrative where you're writing about a i like it that way you know. I liked being a journalist. I like talking to other people telling their stories. So when i spilled the book i knew that it would have to be personal because it was important to me that a sexual person write this book. And if you're going to have an author you might as well use that experience. And i could be a guide of sorts people reading the book but it didn't come naturally to me because i'm not a culture reporter general or a sexual relationships reporter and i kept asking myself. Why are you doing this. This is totally a different part of your career. Even now people will be like. Are you going to buy a sexuality and unlike navy but maybe just continue writing about at so it really felt like while this was obviously an enormous privilege and honor to be able to write this book it felt like it was a necessity because it's not where my natural inclinations go toward. Okay well then. I guess my first question is are the machines taking over and when and who is the most important savior of our time. Is it sarah connor in actuality. This is actually very complicated question. I think they're not taking over yet. I'm much about climate change. That's talk on my mind but you know lots of smart people working on this smart well-funded people so hopefully we can. Hopefully that helps you sleep at night. I mean what helps me. Sleep at night is watching the terminator franchise so versions a bit of a catch. Twenty two the moment then that you decided that this was important enough for you to like break that membrane between what. You're more comfortable in like what was there a particular impetus for that or was it a sort of slow burning. This story needs to be told eventually kind of thing. I think it came out of this feeling in patients you know. I think it's like i think many of us have this experience. Maybe when you're younger and you discover like a new tv show or something and then you just wanna talk to everyone about it and then after a while whenever you're explaining something have to take like the first twenty minutes to this is the tv show here the characters and then you're like can i tell you my very and it kind of felt like that like my relationship with is action was like that. I didn't realize i was ace until i was in my twenties and realizing it. I had to go digging for it. I didn't have to go anywhere back. When i thought i was just straight woman. That was pretty much. You know what was expected of me. But i thought there were so many smart ways of thinking about the world is actual lines represented but you wouldn't have access to them because it wasn't in the culture to find any of that you'd have to be truly online in a way or you know have to rewrite academic books and so i kept trying to talk to people about you know the ways that it's actually makes everyone not just people who happened to be as like question like what is sex with sexual attraction. What is romantic attraction. How should we think about the world. But then i got tired of doing that. I lake tedtalk. Welcome to talk. Here's what it is. I wanted to skip that and get to the part where we are thinking about. What is that we all want. What what is pleasure. What if we center that their lives instead of sexuality and so i think that was the moment that feelings impatience that had so many people as or not would benefit from this perspective that i was like while. I am a journalist. I've always been a journalist. Maybe i should do this. While i have so many follow ups I want to talk about the this down. Because i want to talk about what. You're talking about about centering pleasure. I think that's really important

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