Thirteen Awards Movies to Watch Out for, Oscar Do-Overs, and More From the Mailbag

The Big Picture


Before we get into the mail couple things over the weekend hit in the world of movies. First thing i want to talk to you about is the thing. I spoke to the directors of this documentary series about which is tiger tiger woods. Now you know as a friend of mine and podcast partner that. I am an avid golfer. And a fan of the sport gulf you are not a fan of the sport golf though your partner is and so golf is in your life but not truly of your life. What do you know about tiger woods. And what were you expecting heading into this documentary. Well in addition to being one of the greatest golfers in history isn't in history and certainly one of the best athletes of the twenty first century. That the correct century yes which i do know about because athletes at that level become pop cultural figures and i am interested in pop culture. Even if i'm not interested in my husband lecturing me about what type of iron tiger woods is using which is like a personal hell that i live in on a daily basis so i know a lot about him as a pop culture athlete and then obviously he has a pop cultural significance all of his own because of the events that he went through in the public eye at the end of the last decade and really honest life for the last decade. Yeah and so. I think that this series is an interesting gambit on. Hbo part it's clearly inspired slash based on a book that came out in two thousand eighteen by jeff benedict and armond katayan. And it's an attempt to make sense in real time of probably the most significant american athlete barring lebron james and michael jordan i would say of the last twenty. Five years maybe serena williams in that conversation. I think it's a very short list of people that do for. The tiger is kind of hanging with in the last quarter century and the film is tricky. Because they only aired part one thus far part two is next sunday and so i don't think you can necessarily spoiler film like this but it depends on. What kind of your you are if you're very engaged in the tiger woods story and his life. I don't think that this film necessarily will teach you a lot about the events of his life. There are not a lot of revelations. I think there are some emotional revelations there are some there's some I guess the matic framing that. Maybe you wouldn't necessarily put together if you weren't deeply entrenched in his story the movie especially the first half of the movie takes great pains to portray this father and son story and to show earl woods. Father as the kind of dr frankenstein at and making tiger woods into this kind of frankenstein monster for better and for worse in that he's incredibly powerful but there's like all kinds of emotional danger in his life I one thing that struck me as i re watched part one last night and i watched it with eileen. It's there's a lot of golf highlights in the first half. And there's there's there's not. There's not a lot of scandal there's not a lot of there is some psychology and there is a lot of sort of personal background about how tiger grew up and who he became. But because he has this sort of monochromatic mono-syllabic experience in the world where we just. He very rarely showed himself to us. Basically what you get is like ninety minutes of an extraordinary highlight reel dovetailing with the story of a father and a son and what they mean to each other. And i think if you're a casual observer my my instinct was. Is this going to work for people now. The second half is different. Can of worms. And i don't wanna spoil it for people but did in the first half. Did you find yourself having a hard time entering the story. I did also watch this with my husband. The aforementioned gulf maniac and the soundtrack to watching this was every time golf shot would be show. Its accuracy like you know it was like a little gallery of one. And he was doing it under his breath and then i was kinda. Are you aware that this is happening. And he was like sorry and then he just kept doing it at a lower volume. I have to say when you show golf. As just a highlight reel. Tiger woods is most incredible shots way. More interesting to me personally than the stuff that you guys have on the tv on sunday afternoon which is so boric. My guys pretty. Good a golf so i enjoyed it in that sense i agree with you that maybe it's not that i had a hard time. It and another interesting thing is that i. I do think if you know even a little bit about tiger woods you kind of know about the earl woods character and that is a pretty established part of his pop culture story. It's a big dad. Big character looming. Dad figure familiar sports figure in show bizz figure for sure and Greatness and then the fall. That's kind of what you know. And as as you mentioned there's a fall there there is a part to we won't spoil all of it but if you are watching this documentary you probably have some idea of what's going to happen in part to and the even najah it at the very end of part one which is the very last shot is a very famous woman. Just sidling up to the camera. I that's that's great filmmaking. And i think when the documentary is leaning in to that winning in that side of the story because it it leans into all the aspects of the story but when it goes for that bit of flair and narrative tension is is when it succeeds

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