Nintendo Direct And Latinx In Gaming


And welcome the land parties episode fifty eight from the las vegas review journal. I am your host ryan smith and with me always my host and good friend lucas egging. Lucas how are you my friend. I am dealing. Well had a pretty good weekend. Started going back into final fantasy seven remake with my girlfriend. So she's going through it some having fun kind of watching her go through that ready for a nice long game and the the other thing i did this week going as i finally got a new phone so my phone from like five years ago is has been replaced and my goodness when you wait that long. It's ridiculous how much faster it is. Some blindly untreated even one of those people that like i use it till it breaks and finally i can't anymore i just can't was your weekend. I can relate to that. do good. I chill out. We we actually got. We had this like home garden Thing that we had gotten a while ago so we went ahead and planted that this week and And then i just. I just did. Some destiny went did that. Secret mission That was recently released. That was really good super atmospheric. I i i absolutely loved it. Got a solid gun from it and then played some more spiderman. Got the sinister six reveals. So we're grinding away. I'm moving along with that Those fantastic enough about us. Oh please introduce our guests. We are excited to welcome two very special guests today. You know them from the group. Latin x and gaming. You may have seen them honored at the game awards in december as global gaming citizens. We are excited to be joined. By the founder of nexen engaging cristina amaya and co founder and developer relations head. Elaine gomez thank you both to For join us today. How you guys then thank you. Thanks for asking. Yeah thank you so much for having absolutely thank you so much for taking the time and and i'm excited to talk about Talk about the Next and gaming and everything that you guys have done so far sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off there go ahead. You're fine. i was just gonna say we're excited. This is an amazing group. We talk to fernando last year. A little bit about the group. But we're we're super pump to take a deep dive into it but before we get to that. We just wanted to touch on a couple subjects and ryan last wednesday right before the nintendo direct rocked. I was so excited. Because i was almost one hundred percent. Sure that we were gonna get breath of the wild or pokemon or metro news. And we got them. We struck out. We struck out if you haven't you happen to be me on twitter. You saw like like the realization that like none of that was happening. And i look. I'll start by saying this. There were a couple of games. That intrigued me. I'm actually looking forward to the new. Mario golf game of the project triangle. Game looks interesting. I love that art style. But i don't know ryan. I was just disappointed. What about you. yeah. Yeah it was definitely. I felt like it was pretty underwhelming As far as what we thought we were gonna get versus what we actually got So i mean again. There were some some nice Games that they presented and whatnot. But i just thought that especially with it being a thirty five year anniversary of zelda. I thought we would get some some big news as far as with that again. What they said they were gonna port a port over night. Work soared scar. Yeah and i never. I never played that one. So i am excited to have the opportunity to actually go through and run that Zelda but i mean again it's it's been it's been a good amount of years since Breadth of wild came out. They've already we already know that breath a while to is is in the works. I thought for sure going to drop it like it's hot and give us some heat there but you know we. We did not get that so it'll be interesting. I mean again. This could be something that maybe in the second half of the year that they looked to drop then as well again. We know that anytime. People are are rushing games They seem to to very much have a negative impact on their releases. So you know again you guys. They know what they're doing They they always had. I feel like they have a solid plan as far as marketing and getting games out and stuff like that so i still think we'll get it this year Yes i thought it was going to happen then but the years not over is still early. My friend deshaun. Hopefully you're right. I just the joy was getting sucked out of me. The longer let direct went on in the close to the end that we got. That's okay though. That's a good. You're right the year is young christina a u and nintendo fan at all. Did you catch the direct. Yes i did not get to watch the direct because it winds carrying my meetings. But i will say that as a very large fan since childhood i straight up do not understand word sword. I'm just gonna put it out there. I would much rather buffalo wild to or just a teaser trailer. Something anything five seconds. Give me a carina time. At least you know what. I mean like i. Yeah i yeah. I don't even know what that is a series. What was that four. Like thirty something. I

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