Text messages promising $1,400 daily stimulus checks are actually scams, IRS warns


For people who have lost their jobs in their security to Corona virus. The text message is a god sent there now eligible for $1400 daily, through covered relief program. You have been Smith, the text contains a link to instructions on how to get your money. But kneeled US wanting of Stanford University's Advanced Security certification program says that merely clicking on the link could expose the recipients. Personal financial data relief will arrive in the form of a check in the mail. Or a direct deposit to the bank account that you've used in the past with the I R s far from receiving a stimulus payment. The victim stands to lose everything from his or her bank account. Federal Trade Commission has received over 350,000 reports of such scams resulting in total fraud losses north of 336 million has realized that as him as might appear, take a screenshot of it, Send it to the I. R s and then delete the message with Tech trends. Jim Ryan ABC News At the Kamo news time Now for 14. Other update on

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