How to Fill a Few Seats At The Cinema? Rent Them to Gamers


March in the early throes of the coronavirus pandemic. We brought you a story about how a devastated movie theater industry found a glimmer of hope by turning to that old american classic the drive in movie theater that hope was short. Lived though as many drive ins were forced to close because of stay at home orders in some cities and cold weather and others. But now there's another small light at the end of the tunnel for an industry. That's been gutted by the pandemic this time. The story starts in south korea with movie theaters around the country closed or operating at a limited capacity and film releases largely on hold due to covid south korea's largest cinema chain. Cg v had a bright idea. the company started renting out. It's largely empty theaters to folks who might enjoy the use of a big screen and surround sound. You know video gamers gamers. Pay up to a hundred and thirty five. Us dollars to rent out a theater. Video games consoles and controllers not included and renters. Told the bbc that gaming in theaters pretty cool the sound quality is top notch and the graphics are almost lifelike turns out a. Us theater chain was already on the gaming in the theater trend after a gutting year for the cinema industry most us movie theaters shut down in march early on in the covid. Nineteen pandemic and while some chains opted to carefully reopen some locations. Last summer those were shuttered again. In the fall when cases spite put simply putting up two hundred people in a room while they sit on coke munch on popcorn at the screen. Well you know. It's just not safe so malka theaters which operates thirty-six cinemas in the southern. Us rolled out. Its malko select gaming at several locations. Last november up to twenty gamers can book a theater for one hundred and fifty dollars in play until they drop or until three hours is up. Whichever comes first. i'm thinking it might be. The latter malko also allows customers to book private film screenings for up to twenty people and sells food and beverage packages alongside the reynolds malkhaz twenty twenty revenue down ninety percent from twenty nineteen thanks to the covid nineteen pandemic and while renting out theaters to gamers film. Buffs is one way to avoid closing down completely. It's not making the chain much money. Karen melton malkhaz vice president and director of marketing told the bbc quote. It's gaining traction and becoming popular but nothing is adding to our profitability at this point on quote and that's the harsh reality for many theater chains. Amc theaters has spent much of the pandemic on the edge of bankruptcy after revenue fell ninety one percent. The chain managed to raise over nine hundred million in new equity and debt capital rap reported. The injection allows the chain defend off bankruptcy for now. Amc started renting private theatres last fall at around ninety nine dollars a pop for screenings though not for gaming although for an extra hundred bucks you can score a microphone to welcome your guests. Meanwhile screen rental from rival cinemark costs around one hundred dollars another chain. Alamo draft house offers private screening starting at three hundred dollars which includes tickets and food when you think of the average pre virus movie screening with around two hundred customers paying an average of a little over nine dollars for a ticket. That's eighteen hundred dollars that the theater brings end before even popping a single popcorn kernel at the often pricey concession stand private screenings and video game parties just can't cut into all that red still on the horizon for cinemas is. Well what is that. Hope as a million americans received the covid nineteen vaccination each day some theater chains are cautiously reopening at diminished capacity. Of course most amc theater locations are open in accordance with state and local guidelines and malka reopened several theaters in late january and earlier. This month of course strict guidelines are in place for one you can say goodbye to endless soda and popcorn refills and in theater service but still after the year that the cinema industry has had anything is better than nothing. Even if at anything involves a little. Mario kart

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