Has the Reddit brigade found a new target?

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Wines. Have the read it. Traders found a new target guidance. This is certainly an interesting space to target. It is very complicated. it is very technical. And in many instances not very liquid. And it's very binary and there are a number of these names that have huge short interests as to add so it's oil it's all of those are sort of the all the things that i think people on this platform the read it platform would be looking for then. You mentioned cassava so quickly you talked about the volume traded. I think over the last three days today obviously included trade about one hundred and eighty million or show shares. I mean it's just amount of volume over three day period given its historical norm. And you've seen the stock go from about eight dollars a share. I think it traded at one seventeen today and reverse and reverse in a meaningful way. But this isn't just the red it crowd. I mean they actually had data come out a couple of days ago in terms of the alzheimer study. There was pretty positive. I think that field this as well. The concern i would have here and i'm not endorsing. I'm i'm not making procon statement of any of these names. We're going to talk about. But they did a secondary back in november from that mistake in november thirteenth. About eight million or nine million shares secondary around eight dollars a share. Be aware that for a lot of these companies given the stock price move. This is an opportunity for these companies to do secondaries. I would imagine you'll see one here in another name that you didn't mention but is a big enough market cap that talk about not necessarily a biotech company but falls under those parameters as named like vera site which is at another ridiculous move. You can pull that one up as well. i think. it's v. C. y. t. If i'm not mistaken and there's talk that maybe a secondary might becoming there so just be aware that a lot of these stocks have had tremendous runs but you know secondaries are looming out there. Potentially you can obviously see what could happen to the stocks in the midst of one very binary a lot of these names. Just be aware of what. You're getting yourself into again quickly. The way to play this all along the slow and steady ways been the. Yeah brian kelly. What do you make of this

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