'The GOAT Tom Brady' with former Coach Bobby Morrison - Episode 041 - burst 02


This quarterback from maryland which recruiting by the name of bobby stable house. Who at that time. They didn't have five stars and four stars three stars and all that stuff just like you said but the biggest thing that they had was. You've made a usa today all american team. I mean that's all it was and then they'd have the players the year in the states and stuff like that and bobby. Sable house was ranked the number one player in the country. And so i'm recruiting him in maryland. That was my area and a thursday night after practice. Moment when i got the private plane we flew to. Maryland was sat down and bobby houses home his mom and dad who originally from cincinnati so had a affiliation with being around michigan. It was Let great evening. And they're great people and you know they didn't leave anything They wanted him to come to michigan. And bobby said well. I talked to steve spurrier florida and calmest him. That i would at least visit this coming weekend. And this was a thursday night and then i will call you on sunday night. And we'll confirmed about becomes the michigan and so you know mo- and i felt good going back on the plane and like everything was good. He called me on sunday night and said Coach i've decided. I'm gonna play for steve spurrier fordham thought. Oh my goodness well you don't recruits not. Like you have an abundance of quarterbacks. I mean you're not working ten guys to get one you know you're we had all of our money throwing them the money by saying that but we had all our marbles in that pocket say loss because we thought we were going to get him and he called on sunday night and i told mo- most sold the next morning where to staff getting most of first thing he says. Well we lost sabe. Watts what are we gonna do. So everybody's just sixteen or fifteen or sixteen. There were sitting around the table. And billy harris rosen. Put his hand up in the back. And says i've got this kid in california that i think is pretty good. I don't he's recruited you know by the west coast schools. But i think we might have a shot at it. Well what's his name his. Name's tom brady.

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