Kyrie Irving's absence from Nets will continue; NBA, Nets to review videos that appear to show party

Mason & Ireland


Talking a little bit about the situation with kyrie irving and the brooklyn nets just to highlight it. Kyri sorta went awol. This week ended up according to video at his sisters thirtieth birthday party. Without a mask he is going to deal with some covert protocol issues right now and there's really no explanation. Why he disappeared in the first place. Mike what do you do for with kyrie irving. Well simple if i was sean marks. Gm would call kerry in or text him or call him on the phone or whatever and asking plain and simple. Are you in as your heart in this or not. Yes or no and if he says yes and get your behind back here to work and let's go to work. This is unfair to your teammates and to the brooklyn fans. Either in or you're out one of you can't be halfway can't be you know we all have personal things to deal with in our lives. We all have to work through them. You know death sickness. Whatever but you gotta find out is are you in this year or not. Let me know now. Yeah i don't know if with that's an if he'd says no. I don't notice it will tell you what we'll just put your leave of absence. I'll try to do it without you. Do you really think re- ever knows his. He is one of the most ignites matic matic players in the league right. But you gotta find out just painted thirty-seven million bucks a year so you got to find out if he's if his heart's in it or

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