U.S. Justice Department investigating more than 170 people over Washington, DC riots


Six days after the violent attack on the us capital law enforcement finally help the first federal press briefing about what happened. That is an acting attorney. General united states the podium or the director of the fbi not just the local guys acting us attorney the district kumble columbia and the assistant director in charge of the fbi. Washington field office to talk to the country on camera for the first time about the attempted insurrection against the us government at the capitol. And what they are doing to bring the rioters to justice. We have already opened one hundred and seventy more than one hundred seventy subject files meaning. These individuals have been identified as potential persons that committed crimes on the capitol grounds inside and outside so of those one hundred and seventy cases that have already been opened in. I anticipate that's going to grow to the hundreds in the next coming weeks we've already charged over seventy cases just yesterday. Our office organizers strikeforce of very senior national security prosecutors and public corruption prosecutors. they're only marching. Orders from me are to build seditious and charges related to the most heinous acts that occurred in the capital some encouraging actions. There is still feels like things are not quite moving that quickly given the scope and stakes of what is at issue here and more importantly the impending threat of further armed assault politicos national security correspondent in touch with virtual joins. Me now natasha. I what what did you. What was your takeaway from the briefing today. Well it was clear that the fbi first of all was trying to do some cleanup on its own behalf. So the fbi official their emphasized that the warnings that they received were in fact shared with their state and local partners so they did share them with local law enforcement officials according to official. And that was i. Think an attempt to say look. We did our part of the job and it was up to say capital. Police are the members of the joint terrorism task force in washington. Dc to kind of put together. The security measures that were necessary in order to respond to the kind of violence threats and intelligence that they were that they were receiving. So i think this was part of what we've seen in the last week as a continuation of the fbi's attempt to say we did our job. Now the rest is up to you and then with regard to the attorney's office which michael sherwin was talking about. They want to say look. We are taking this seriously with regards to pursuing further charges. But take aways obviously is. We're not seeing the fbi director on stage not seeing briefings directly from the head of the fbi and from senior officials who might indicate to the rest of the country and to potential violent rioters. Who might come back to the capital that this is something that has gone to the highest highest levels of government that will not be tolerated. And i think that that is something that is also concerning some folks tonight. I mean it's a week after it happened six days and no i mean i don't know who runs the h s. Now chad wolf gone. Lord knows who's running that place. Fbi director chris. Wray the acting attorney. General jeffrey rosen image. Just it is shocking to me shocking. Inexcusable that we have not had a briefing. It's remarkable and national security officials who have spoken to have also said. Look you know one of the reasons why we might not be. Seeing them is because they might be afraid that they could get fired. You know in the week. That's left of this administration that speaking truth about this and the reasons why it was incited the realities of why these protesters came in and the capital would force them to lose their jobs and that you know take it at face value. Which is that. The president has never accepted his own officials. Speaking the truth about and and speaking In criticizing him anyway. So i think that's part of it.

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