How Zoom might stay relevant post-pandemic

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Back to our listeners. And welcome back to work place perspective. Julie mccoy thank you to recite a happy new year. And thank you for having me back again. Sorry excited. I love that. We've with scientific arthur time. We've had to kick off our new year. I think it's a great way to do it. Twenty twenty one. Can you believe it. thank goodness right. Never so happy to see a year in the rear view mirror ever well. This is a great topic today. We're gonna be talking about lessons from twenty twenty one that we can take forward with us into this new year. What we could use to improve ourselves improve our lines and provide quality of lives and leaving behind everything. That doesn't serve us. So i am so excited to talk about this list. Jump right into it. Well thank you theresa sought. I've done a lot of reflecting on your twenty eight twenty as we leave it in the rear view mirror. Thank goodness but i. I think it's really important for your listeners. To before they russ not normalcy and twenty twenty one whenever that takes place. I think it's really important to reflect upon things that they undoubtedly learned in the what i call the roussel of twenty twenty because it was that or many of us and some of us bar more than others but You know there's a seeing among the coaching community that there's no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone and we've all been terribly uncomfortable to varying degrees where the past year and we now see the light. The end of the tunnel return to our normal are were teens and had dick schedules. And and i think it's really important to tag out or the experience of twenty twenty uncomfortable experience the lessons that we all learned and in a city. Here right now. Sort of your listeners may be dismissing that Because you know it they were mostly more focused on the pain and how to get through it and what was going to happen next year that accompanied all of his nyan certainty of it but invariably we. I am certain that we all learned things. Maybe we learned a new skill for example. I know a lot of people Might i'll take myself as an example. I wasn't really much of a cook. Started this process. Why us man. I ate out a lot. We got to take now snatch And all of a sudden is down than i had. Actually prepare a week's worth of menus. Arkansas and prepare food and i became a much better cook because i had to learn how to do things like substitute ingredients. And before i was just following the recipe rigidly. Because that's all i knew how to do. I had no idea. I'm substitute well. If you can't just run out and store to get one item because that's too dangerous right to your hell. I figure that out. So there's there was real learning around that For me i. I know of other people who had to learn how to be alone. Alana people just really can't stand thought of being alone and on the isolation of this pandemic inspires ties into that You know i would say that as we need this year last year behind us it's important to take a moment to reflect on what we gained on and there were a lot of positives. They came out of twenty twenty on on a broader scale For example the images of the clear skies in los angeles on this beautiful days when there was no pollution the images of the himalayan mountain one which you never see right because it's always obscured and smog the fact that a lot of us learned that our lives were so much more hectic when we were running around in our cars going back and forth to meetings there was so much easier just to sit down at our desk in have a really productive. Absolutely you know. I find that amazing now and that was one of the first things i noticed was how much time i saved by. Not having to and i still get ready. The i get up. I put my hair up close make module around and everything but still. It's so awesome. How much time you save right. And you're saving the environment at time. And you arrive at meetings not so frazzled. Especially in southern california when you're driving in traffic all of the time I you know. I just woke that going forward. Some of us will remember value of hadden's in meetings which they seem very awkward in the beginning and some people tatum so much they just signed off and reviews combat. But were those of us who had to stick it out. There were these we had to accomplish. I think we learned how to work through the awkwardness of winners. It might've speedy and ocean the conduct brisson's talking and once we did that we download it was really productive platform for getting things done and could sit down calmly in our desk with a cup of coffee or glass of water and proceed to our meeting without the rush of. Oh i just got the freeway. I'm laid i gotta find parking place. A russian take an elevator. So i i just hope that some of us will from time to time and undoubtedly in person meetings organic resume as soon as nike And i hope that some of the small may be take her pause in every now and then say you know. This meeting doesn't have to be. We're solidity in the comfort of our own homes or on offices and students via sumer via conference call.

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