A highlight from 438: Super Wild Card Weekend in the NFL; Our Latest TV Binges; Stuetzle Joins the Sens


Every weekday reformer tsn partner. Steve worn and jim thome. I'm an ottawa. Jimmy's in edmonton. We're talking sports. And whatever james how's the weekend while the week we'll get to the weekend and second. I'm just laughing steve because this is probably the latest. We've done this yellow. After ten o'clock years midland is so i don't know i've got i've got. I've probably got five thousand dollars worth of equipment. Probably have about twenty thousand dollars worth of okay and and it gets glitchy once in a while and you'd figure okay was twenty grammar the ship. There's probably just a few buttons you can push but our goto is okay. All counted three and four five and six after that to make sure. Everything's working say last week. It was funny. You actually texted me a photo of you talking into tin cans and a string right in Yeah that's that's sort of laughing. Let's go to our old thing okay. One two three four five six there. We go okay. It's good to we have no delay. We're good to go. It's fantastic and we've just completed a six game. nfl marathon. Which is why we're going off so late. We're actually actually like you say it's past midnight might time so it's brand new day but Yeah i felt like You know we We really applied ourselves. We did all the training and we got through it one game at a time. I'll tell you what's pissing me off. Steve there's no monday night football. The almost was monday morning football monday. More it just like so many games. You know i listen. I love the play offs. Man i love play and all of it. All of the world series love the nba championship. I love it all and hockey of course in the nfl. But but even. I found myself so i had the tv on all day yesterday because it starts at eleven in the morning here and ends at nine thirty at night. So that's one till eleven thirty for you. I kind of find myself about game three today. Which was game six the night game. Pittsburgh cleveland going. I don't know if. I wanna watch this again. You applied yourself you you powered through you. You're grinding it was good. It's but it sure was a bizarre game. I think everybody had pittsburgh you know i. I don't think they were dominant favorites. But most people like the steelers. And cleveland comes out and scores. Twenty eight points in the first quarter. Not many saw that coming on route forty eight to thirty seven win over the steelers in the very late game on sunday night. Yeah it was it was well. It was just stupid right. I mean they were so many mistakes you know and the running back for cleveland. They just let them run mock when they did. Make the mistakes nick. Roethlisberger threw three interceptions for sure. Maybe four any steve. How would this he throws for over five hundred yards in that in that game rothlisberger so many difference possessions thrown in first ones. I snap a mile over his head very first play the game and then both rothlisburger and james conner is running back go back instead of falling on the ball at their own one yard line they just like completely miss. It like roethlisberger said well. You're gonna get that right. You're more athletic than me.

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