ERCOT Says Power Able To Be Restored For Majority Of Affected Dallas Residents


To be restored amid the severe winter storm. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has some good news for residents. W B A. P S Clayton level is live in NORTH Dallas. Please give us the latest update. Long awaited news Nickel. Orcutt says this morning that the majority of customers are now able to be restored. Electric companies are still restoring outages in the field, some whether related outages, but those forced outages. They are being lifted across Texas right now, Energy companies have been directed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to stop with the forced outages. Now those outages were happening because the Texas power British simply wasn't equipped to handle. Supply and demand issue that we were having with these unprecedented cold temperatures, whether or not they should have been that will be addressed down the line. But the good news right now is power is being restored. There will be no more forced outages, at least for the time being, and ERCOT hopes to keep it that way. There is a media call at 10 o'clock this morning with Bill Magnus, the CEO, we will be on that call. And have the latest for you. But for now, the good news is those forced outages are being lifted in north Dallas. Nicole Clayton Nevil, WB AP News and Governor Greg Abbott has issued an order through

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