2021 Voice AI Predictions: Dave Kemp on Audioburst and podcast segmentation


Probably overlooked in the space But this dynamic thing i always think about audio burst. Because they did two things one is. They can do that. Dynamic search because they are indexing everything in real time that they ingest and they can even segment by topic and so they can give you dodge the entire riot the entire thing. And that's what we see today. We see there's a number of companies out there that are saying. Hey i can scan everything and say this you can listen to one of these three These three things but they basically give you the full episode whereas audits say hey the topic you want starts here and then you can figure. And then they'll allow you to jump so well. I think the the piece to that to that where a lot of that innovation the backbone of it will be in both t t s in speeches. I think a lot of it's gonna be in the ability to identify in the transcript where that is and then it will probably use that as the mechanism for which it identifies where to start the podcast. You know like you said. That's for me when i listened to. I've talked about this. I think every time. I've talked to you the conversation with mir her shut audio bursts on. Your podcast was really enlightening. Because if you can. I think you know you talk for sixty minutes podcast or whatever and maybe for some people they just want that three minute clip in. So it's all about like. How do you get to that. Three minute clip. Because the three minute clip. That i want to get to. You might be different than one that you want to get to and if you make it so that that all that information that's stored in that sixty minute. Conversation is is able to be dynamically searched like you mentioned. That's a humongous game changer. I think makes a big difference. You and i were just talking about friedman podcast which i enjoy as well and he's talked recently about this fact that a lot of people will come to him afterwards because he's interviewed eli mosque and they'll say nobody journalists and all they want like this part of it. I wanted to know if you've talked about this. And so he was thinking about providing transcripts But i must actually has been on a lot of podcast. I mean not a lot you know just like just like a nominal term but a lot compared to other people right. He's he's more open about and is someone like you. Audio bursts engine could be somebody else. I think they have the the engine. That's designed to do this specifically could really make that a lot easier for people. There's a lot of people doing transcripts. And that's generally how it happens you get the transcript and then you do control f. and with some sort of word and then you could you look at and then you read and you're like oh that's it and then you say okay. What's the time stamp on that. And then you go and listen well. Jeez wouldn't you know like automatic. Segmentation is closer telling you what topics are in. They're

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