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Good evening. Thank you for joining us. The governor of sexist apologizing and promising answers after a deadly winter storm the deep freeze. Just the start of an ongoing nightmare for residents now. Struggling with shattered pipes in skyrocketing energy. Bill here's abc's tripled. I can't imagine what it's like for you to see it like this is terrible. I've never thinking house. This brianna bolden tells me she could smell the soap rotting wood from outside the front door of her grandmother's house before walking into this is pictures and the memories. They captured all underwater. And this is actually my big lama right here. This is all and that's the past those wife for half a century. Her grandparents filled this home with children and grandchildren home cooked meals. Tiny reminders of a family growing together is a lot of memories at this house. But now this house like so many in texas has been gutted. Helplessly flooded by first hypes last week's historic winter storm on your couch look. The damage is just a fraction of the devastation. in texas. that killed thirty. Two people will take months or years and billions of dollars to clean up. So how did it go so wrong so quickly. Texas has more than enough generating capacity to handle itself. It was just the state of affairs of that equipment and the state of affairs of the management of that equipment. The causes from texas is the only state in the continental us with an independent grid meaning. It does not connect to any other states power source. When that merciless winter weather hid in one of the warmest regions of the country. People crank up their heaters and the energy demand surged when that system shut down. There was nowhere to turn for power. There is no place for the texas grid to go there. Couple small lines extension cords to the east in the west. But that's not enough really to to pick up. A forty percent drop in texas generation and the result was more than three million texas residents in the dark and cold at one point leading many to take drastic measures for running dangerously low on one. So now what we've been doing. All day is actually coming outside getting snow putting it are pods and heaving on our propane grill. Then hypes began to freeze and burst shutting down water treatment plants across the state inning. Almost fifteen million texans would have to toil their water of four. It was safe to drink daily block water. We don't even have the electric reliability council of texas or bur. Kat had long been warned. Its infrastructure was vulnerable to freezing temperatures the state legislature held hearings on this exact issue in twenty eleven. The last time the state experienced major freeze there were numerous hearings hundreds of pages of recommendations but they were all made voluntarily. Nobody actually change the incentives so that the generators would have a financial reason food to weather. Is this week. Several urquhot born members resigned in the wake of this disaster today in virtual urquhot board of directors meeting. The chairwoman acknowledged the pain and suffering of texans her resignation effective after the meeting ended. All of our hearts go out to all of you with head to go without electricity. Heat water not attending and food during frigid temperatures and continue to face the tragic consequences in some cases. The loss of a loved one state leaders have promised an investigation into urquhot handling of the crisis and members of both parties and the governor of rowing to make sure texans are on the hook for those astronomical electric bills at a time when essential services were needed. The most the system broke. You deserve answers. You will get those answers but people brianna bolden are in need of far more immediate solutions. She's facing mounting hardships. Having recently lost her father and grandfather. It sounds like your grandmother doesn't have home insurance right now. She don't she couldn't afford it anymore. Every generation been through this. Is papa really worked hard for this. I'm sorry statewide. There is so much damage from burst. Pipes plumbers can't keep up see the water. We have another one right here. Everardo omega of a plumbing. In houston says he's crews have been working around the clock just as bad. I mean there's necas mad and they're receiving more calls than they can answer this heartbreaking the tell somebody. uk make we broke down here. Twenty five hours plummer andrew mitchell in his family driving all the way from new jersey with a car full of equipment in arts in short supply here for just going to see what we can do to help out texas residents and also converging in texas to help out the cajun navy civilian volunteers known for using their big trucks. Kamal boats for rescues during major storms like hurricane harvey in twenty seventeen. We talked with a lot of people around here who've been they were impacted by hurricane harvey. I dealing with this. A lot of people think that this is worse than a hurricane's coming in we have more. We know what's going to happen with this disaster. We did not know what was coming. Community was not prepared. No one knew what was coming riley at this is marin mckim. She spent the last decade doing aid work in africa. When disaster struck home she was one of the first on the front lines. The cajun navy has gotten quite good quickly setting up distribution sites like this one but with so many people impacted. What's perhaps most useful is their platform and their connections. Cajun navy crowd sources disasters and cajun navias known so once we find the need we start using the social media platform and we put the word out there and people want to help on this day. They're delivering to katy texas home to just over twenty thousand with some areas still under a boil. Water notice

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