New York Governor Cuomo Should Resign or Be Impeached Over Covid Scandal


Finally allowed to talk about the fact that Andrew cuomo is a garbage governor. Who got a lot of people killed with bad policy. In fact there's a piece in the week today. By ryan cooper titled resign andrew cuomo. He points out that his administration concealed data about kroger's cases in nursing homes reportedly for fear of federal prosecution stories of his vitriolic abuse and threats directed at other democratic. new york. Politicians are coming out yet even all that is only the start of deadly corrupting competence. So in keeping with judging by his by his results cuomo should resign immediately and free new york state from his dismal. Misrule says ryan cooper of the week and not at the nursing home scandal has been bubbling for nearly a year. Now it starts with cuomo's inexplicable decision back in march two thousand twenty two order nursing homes to accept recovering covid nineteen patients even if they were still testing positive a recent. Ap investigation found that. At least nine thousand recovering patients were sent back to nursing homes and long term care facilities a number that is forty percent larger than his administration had previously admitted is unquestionably worsened. The pandemic as it ripped through new york's elderly population. that's not the only number cuomo fudged nursing homes new york attorney general letitia. James investigated situation found that his people may have under counted the number of deaths associated with nursing homes by fifty percent cuomo. Then instead of the eighty five hundred said they'd been reporting. The true number was over. Fifteen thousand about a third of the state's deaths and then of course in your post reported comments from cuomo's top aide. Melissa rosa seemingly admitted that they deliberately faked the numbers as part of a cover up. His officials froze fear. The truth is going to be used against us. By federal prosecutors ran cooper says cuomo bungled the pandemic basically from the jump. The new york city metro got hammered with the worst break in the country. In the following months cuomo's compulsive bullying and control. Habits gradually drove an exodus of public health professionals from the state government including the state's health department director of bureau of communicable disease control as medical director for uppity myalgia in the state epidemiologist and then his micromanagement tangled up the early stages of the state's vaccine rollout he throughout the plan. The state health department had worked up over months substituting his own he put he put in place strict requirements that only people who qualified to get shots but then added threats of punishment for organizations that didn't distribute their shots fast enough and the result was chronic delays. His bottom line is this. Cuomo has been a garbage governor in the media. Didn't just cover for him. They featured him. He was the greatest government in america. Meanwhile ron santa's greatest villain. In america down in florida with the number two populations seniors in america by percentage after main which has seven people.

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