Jamie Kern Lima on How We Can Go From Underestimated To Unstoppable


Jamie kern lima on dose of leadership. This is amazing. Welcome to the show. Richard thank you so much and excited to be here to share this special moment with you your whole community to you. So it's an honor. Thank yo i gotta tell you. This is an amazing piece of work. You should be extremely proud of yourself for this. I don't need to tell you that. But i mean just from a reader. Just read this. And i've read it and i told you in the prerecording i got this. You guys fed ex this to me monday. I think got it. And i got it last night so i read it nine pm here. It is the next day. I finished it at one pm. Amazing book i just i love it. It made look. I'll be honest with you. It made me cry. I've never cried in book. it made me cry. Maybe he never cried. Okay not in a not in a book like this. I mean maybe in a fictional book. Or something yeah. It's an amazing story. Thank you so much. It's and you know it's been a journey. I think everyone of us has has a story. And i think you know just all of us are kind of on this journey. I think of. I mean for me. It's really it's really you know. So many people think oh. Is this a book about how you went from. Denny's waitress to leading a business. A billion dollar businesses like that's part of it but it's really a story of a girl who went from not believing herself to believing ourself and like not trusting myself to list like to learning how to hear my own gut instinct and learning how to trust it And just learning how to break through all that self doubt that. Hold us back so often and why i wrote. It is really like for a lot of years. I would get these. Dm's on instagram. Where people say. Oh i saw your your story Like hat like was it. Like did you just get lucky. Or because all that's out there is kinda like the headlines. And i realized oh if i don't share if i never share the real story behind the story like how it all happened years and years of rejection opposition and all those things than it's like so many other people out there that maybe are trying to launch their own dream or maybe they're trying to be a better leader or whatever it might be are gonna feel alone and their struggles if they're just reading like the highlight reel of people's success is online and so this is the first time ever but i just i took everything and kinda like throughout that filter out the window and just poured everything i had every personal and professional life lesson i've ever learned and my hope is just. It's absurd for anyone else out there who's really on that journey of like breaking through that self-doubt in and an on that journey to becoming the person they're created a bi. No i mean it's it's it's it's a prescription boards a recipe that you've kind of attacked life with anyway. What thing that's really kind of. Come out of this show and all these conversations when people ask me well. What are the biggest lessons that you've learned from talking to all these people and your book hits all of these these points that you know the prescription that is needed so that is in such lacking in everywhere we look. Is this authenticity. This transparency there's vulnerability which lends itself yet to be courageous. If you're gonna do those things because we suck adams human beings you know what we're bombarded with from our limiting beliefs are doubts. The pop culture the the social media now that just even feeds on that. I mean everybody deals with this head trash this limiting beliefs. These self doubt. It's a constant battle. You still battle with the today. I it with everybody that had on. The show has said that. And that's been a big moment for me on this show and a relief a sense of relief and reading. Your book is kind of the same feeling. That god is when you read it and because you're so authentic you're so transparent you're so vulnerable in this book and you have been in your whole. That's why you've been so successful and entrepreneur in in your brandon's accessible because of those things what do you think when you hear me say that that authenticity transparency vulnerably. That's the currency that's needed right. It is and it's scary for so many of us. I think that you know you look at so many of the studies out there that show. How like it's impossible to have a real human connection if you show up as your representative who you think people want you to be in the and the only real way to have a human connection as show like only parts parts the messy parts but a lot of people who know that awesome miss that connection of like our relationship with our customers also needs to be an authentic one our relationship with our teams and our employees also needs to be an authentic one and we ended up putting so much pressure on ourselves right social media your point to that too but we think all i a leader acts this way or we learn these things and we end up showing up is our own representative and then you know what i've learned and i don't wanna like jump too far ahead give anything up because there's so many crazy stories in the spot but wanted the leadership lessons i would say and life lessons frankly that i after which is three years of rejection a crazy story we finally got one shot on qvc. I can talk about only only if you want to but but you know being on. Kabc for united about a thousand shows live myself. And so i've met tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and brand founders and senior executives. That will go on the television for their company. And it's like all the years when i look back at. What is the commonality between the people that made it and those didn't because most people in the space they they get one shot on air and they never come back because they don't have the sales goal or maybe they they come back twice or three and then they're gone so i've seen thousands of people leave and then like what's the commonality between the ones that lasts and literally. It's not who's smarter. It's not who's more qualified or more accomplished. The people that will lasted were the ones that were the same off air in the green room as they were on here for better or worse like some were wild and crazy in quirky in somewhere very conservative and quiet and like but they were the same and it's because that live on air to one hundred million homes you can't fake authenticity and the only way for customers to connect as when you show up as you you fully are in the thing that one of the things i talk about in the book is In believe it is this lesson. I learn which is that like authenticity. Alone doesn't guarantee success in authenticity. Guaranty's failure

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