Robinhood-GameStop hearing will scrutinize how brokerages get paid for trades


Game stop hearing on capitol hill stock market versus casino and news from down under leading. Today's news grab the popcorn. Robin hoods vlad. Tentative melvin capitals. Gay plotkin rutted steve. Huffman and citadels kenneth griffin and keith. Gill are also to testify. Before the house financial services committee at twelve pm eastern lawmakers will get their chance to grill the executives and hearing focused on short selling online trading platforms gamification and their systemic impact and our capital markets and retail investors. Also making an appearance is read it trading star known as warring kitty who is credited with helping start the game stop mania though his actions are being pro by massachusetts regulators since he was a registered securities broker an army of day traders following wall street bets the red at forum dedicated to quote making money and being amused while doing it up ended some market dynamics last month by taking aim at some heavily shorted stocks they ran them up as a group triggering short-squeezes and causing some hedge funds like melvin capital to record billions of dollars in losses. The party came to an end after brokerages restricted trading on stocks like game. Stop an amc entertainment. Though robin hood took the most flak due to its communication about the events and delay and taking curbs off of a meme trading

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