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In the world? Who else had a good day? Bruce Springsteen had a good day yesterday. As you read this thing, and you get the impression maybe here. Police officer was being untruthful if you know what I mean. Apparent what happened was going to steal. Why back in November, riding a motorcycle through a federal park. Federal Park National Park in with the differences anyway, he's in a federal part. Fans, flag him down or whatever. He took some photos with them. Somebody had a bottle of tequila. He supposedly took two shots of tequila. Got on his motorcycle to leave. And as soon as he did they They stopped him. The cop at the scene claimed that he was glassy eyed and whatever slurring of speech, though he was hammered, so they Some of the deal. Why we'll turn down his blood alcohol level was low, too. Oh, too, isn't It's 25% on the way to still being legal. So He was let go on the deal. Why he still got whatever the charge was. It was The way he was driving in a federal park. He admitted he had two small shots of tequila. Drinking was actually legal in the park until 2019. It's kind of interesting. Then they banned it. So there's a judge and Anthony Movietone. He noted that Springsteen 71 years old had a clean driving record all the way back to 1973. That's pretty impressive. Never been arrested and never had a ticket going back to 1973. So the fine was 540 bucks, including $40 in court costs. They said that rarely would you see a driver's

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