Houston city council member weighs in on the possibility of lawsuits against ERCOT

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Cleanup and assessment of damage wrought by last week's freeze power outages and water infrastructure issues continues across the houston area. Plumbers will be busy for a while. Some folks will have repairs to do. Others are still awaiting the ability to have access to clean drinking water particularly those in unincorporated areas of town still others are just trying to get back to at least our new pandemic infused normal that includes efforts towards vaccination. It's in that context. We welcome back houston city council member edward pollard from district j. in southwest houston which includes the neighborhoods of gulf sharpstone. Braise wooden belair. Anything you'd like to know about that district or houston city politics and government or anything. I was just discussing is welcome at seven one. Three four four zero eighty eight seventy or talk at houston matters dot org councilmember pollard. Welcome back to houston matters. Good morning good morning. Thank you for having me. How'd you fair this past week. Well it was definitely a challenging week. We went without power for three days. my home had no structural damage. But my parents My mother's home. She had a busted pipe. They can't do the ceiling. Water got in the house and then in my father's house the same thing happened. A busted pipe and water in the house has the currently move out and live in a hotel for now And so we've been dealing with Really trying to Not only get my family Back to where. They need to be focused on a lot of the families. Within district j who had similar circumstances what assistance or guidance can you offer any city residents dealing with cleanup lingering plumbing issues leaks struggling to find the plumber waiting on insurance estimates. Any anything you can offer on that front. We just have to be diligent yet to understand that everyone is calling the insurance companies plumbers and contractors at the same time. And so there's extremely long waits. And i know it gets frustrated So you just have to really just stay diligent Being courteous and understand that help is on the way. Our office has been able to assist residents within district. Jay and trying to direct them to Different resources and so. There's anyone living in the district j community. You can always reach out to our office at district. Jay houston t. x dot up and we'll do what we can't listen to this. I don't know if you caught the discussion just before you came on but we were talking about how Some efforts to sue urquhot could end up potentially a waste of time as though it's a nonprofit it's one established by state government. The texas supreme court needs decide if it has sovereign immunity aside from being on houston city council you own a civil litigation law firm pollard. Legal group if someone came to you seeking to sue urquhot or the state or centerpoint or anyone else over what happened last week. What would be your advice. I would definitely look into it Because right now based on pending litigation at the supreme court level. I i do believe that there will be some opportunities to push forward With a tort suit against urkel other entities. Just because there's going to be a question of whether or not they knew or should have known of what was going to May happen and so because of that There may be a window open for those who Needs to pursue claims based on the damages to their home or or to their persons. And so i would definitely look into the facts of each case and see if there's something there because i do think that there will be a window open for individuals to file claims.

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