Myanmar rattled by army movements, expected internet cutoff


US numbers of demonstrators defied orders against protests and took to the streets of Myanmar once more to March against the military takeover that ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi laws demonstrations were held in the major cities of Yangon Mandalay and the capital not PPL as well as in far flung areas dominated by ethnic minorities protesters near gone again rallied outside the Chinese and US embassies thank you Beijing a popping up the minute you regime in a proportion to the factions sensing the military resistance also took place in cyberspace hackers deface the government's needs website replacing its ten page with Watson pixies against someone to take care of a the accident took place after the routing to into issued a new order suspending several basic civil liberties the recent order allows authorities to carry out searches and make arrests without warrants and permits the detention of detainees for more than twenty four hours without permission I'm Karen Thomas

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