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A rocket attack on a us military base contras fury from the international community a scandal emerges in peru that top officials were taking the vaccine before everyone else a spanish. Rapper is detained in a freedom of speech dispute and egypt reopened its border with gaza. This is the world at large and we are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this of the world at large. This show is free for everyone into keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the world at large it you know. Let's just jump right into it. Today would fall fund international news geopolitics going on right now in the world so fell further. Do josh take it away. All right everybody. I hope we're having a wonderful day. is a lot of stuff going on in the world today. So let's cover it. Let's cover so the big story of of the past few days. The military strike that went down in iraq. And this is really big because it was against. Us troops oh self got you. Us troops yeah. Now let's make international news ad but it also had coalition troops and this was in the air bill. International airport in iraq in your bill is the capital of iraqi kurdistan for anyone interested So it's in. The north of iraq at this base was holding us as well as some coalition forces. That were hit And this was on monday evening. It's a this is a big deal because normally these attacks happen you know there. An attack a few weeks ago on the embassy In in in iraq in baghdad. But but that wasn't directly on the embassy was around it right. No one directly attacks especially american diplomats in american military personnel usually. Don't attack them directly but this was a direct attack in there was there were casualties. In fact there were fifteen. Casualties reported Or nineteen rather and One of them was a us. You serviceman actually died at another. One was a foreign contractor hired by the us army. Add it. He died too so he wasn't actually. Us national per se. But he was working for the army and then much people got hurt. is well wounded. So it's different classifications of wounded obviously but casualties a casualty And so As i said this reason this is a bigger deal because this was in. La taps photos for you for your house looking at them In our field zave. It's a modern city l. in northern iraq. And it's it's supposedly supposed to be one of the safest cities of to travel to in the middle east for foreigner of negotiating some yet very specific western westernized countries such as the of israel but than that Bill is like a lot of people. Go there it's supposed to be really nice out. By surprise it has a really low crime rate for for middle eastern city at it. Strikes never really go on here. Usually this happens in the southern part of iraq around the capital bhakta into the south back bhakta And so that's why it's as a huge shock to the international community so us secretary of state. Tony blinken. he was not happy he was. He was just having a rough day all suddenly hears about these. Us missile strikes. Not just like us on your back. You can't reach you know it just annoys you but there's nothing you can do about it in the moment. Have two backs preferrably in yup. Although that sometimes back scratcher doesn't work that well sorry such as you Saw tony blair was not happy. Who's actually furious. New vowed to bring those responsible for the attack to justice So probably contract out however he clearly. He said that he does not want to rush to cast blame on anyone in particular. There's a lot of blame being casted. Because that's what happens and stuff like this But he said that we're not in a rush we're gonna we are to rush but we're not gonna we're not gonna assume somewhat did it so we said this specifically in a quote he said certainly we've seen these attacks in the past. We seen iraqi militia and iranian backed militia. In in many cases be responsible. But today it's too early to know who's responsible for this one You know he. He was mad but it's not. It's not the correct time yet to cast blame in so as i said previously is where coalition forces in the base. Also so i'll. Us troops are the ones that took the brunt of damage of coalition troops. Being in the area obviously means that that these people these trips have also been hurt theoretically if the missiles were you know a few too few meters for european followers few feet to the right or left House very nice of the i. I'm just a nice guy. And i wouldn't even entertain there clearly furious system. I agree but that when new europeans right right. Samis chasm including including meters anyways so these coalition troops being in the area means that everyone is very angry but if someone attacks the us troops general that's gonna make all the allies pretty much going to force them to be very bad. Is you know they need the us. The us kind of pushes nato forward ed so countries that actually created a joint statement Condemning this attack include france germany italy and the united kingdom however there's a lot of countries that are very bad but these guys are just on the. These guys are very influential member. So you know the kind of speak. They speak for everyone. They speak for stony a- stony with lava voice but italy. They've got their back and so They offered their support in figuring out what exactly happened. They said this civically new joint statement in the united nations and quote. We are united in our view. That attacks on us in coalition personnel and facilities must not be tolerated. So that's all good all but many iraqi officials well as foreign. Onlookers have decided to cast blame on. There's been a few different things you know. Student the pop but the main one is iran And that's just because the united states in iran really don't get along that well it's westernized countries. Iran is very anti western nation further foreign policy perspective.

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