Prince Harry and His Wife, Meghan, Expecting Second Child

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There's are some happy news today for two british royal transplant. Now making their home here in the us. Prince harry and meghan markle are expecting their second child. Sarah harman is in london with more. It's another royal baby. For prince harry and meghan the couple confirming. They're expecting their second child. Sharing this photo and writing can confirm that archie is going to be a big brother. Megan gave birth to their first son archie harrison in may of twenty eighteen in november. She revealed she had suffered a miscarriage writing of her heartbreak in the new york times and describing and almost unbearable grief after stepping back as working royals last year. The decision i made for my wife and i to step back is not one i made lightly hairy and megan started a new life in california signing multi million dollar deals with net flicks and spotify and swapping royal red carpets for zoom calls and everyone's and mental emotional wellbeing when they stepped away from the royal family harry and meghan gave up their royal highness titles as well as any public funding but harry did not give up his place in the royal line of succession in a statement. Buckingham palace said her majesty. The queen and the entire family were delighted and wish them well. Their new baby will be eight in line to the throne sarah harman. nbc news.

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