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Okay. Quick ball. How many of you are christians. Raise your hand. If you're a christian catholic like most of you. how many of you now are growing christian jura growing christian. I hope all of you still raise your hand. Because if you're not growing as a christian if you are not advancing in your faith that will begin the process of you going backwards because the christian life is one of advancing or retreating. It's a life getting stronger or getting weaker. I read a story in the paper while back about a trainer person who helps other people get into shape and this guy was super boffin amazing physique and all that and so he worked with a lot of clients that were very overweight and it was hard for him to relate to excessively over weight people. Because this guy didn't have an ounce of fat on and so he decided as an experiment he was going to go in gain seventy pounds to see what it was like to be an overweight person so he went on this crazy diet intentionally. Eight only fattening food. He stopped exercising all together so he was eating corn dogs and donuts for breakfast and captain crunch cereal for snacks. That banana bread for dinner. Chicken alfredo pasta and so forth and he said at first. It was exhilarating to eat this way. He loved it and there was no discernible. Differences physique remained even though he wasn't exercising even though he was eating the wrong foods but then reality kicked in. He said the first thing to go were his ads. Then the rest sunni was craving the bad food and he was wondering if he could ever get that weight off. His blood pressure went up. He was tired all the time. He grew lethargic and depressed. And i think he eventually did lose that weight. I'm not sure but to me. This is a perfect picture of the slow but certain process of backsliding you don't backslide overnight you. Don't call up your christian friends. He did one about slight tomorrow night. You know there might be some idiot. That's done that. Generally it doesn't happen. It's a process. It's a slow but sure process where i stopped doing that. Which will help be in our start doing that. Which will hurt me just like this trainer did and then you start finding that. This world is becoming more appealing to you. And the things of god are becoming less appealing to you so you have to ask yourself the question. Am i going to be a growing christian or am. I going to go backward if you go back. I'm gonna tell you what's going to happen. Proverbs fourteen fourteen says toback slider in a heart will be filled with the fruit of his ways and a goodman will be filled with fruit of his way. So whatever path you choose. You'll be filled with that fruit right. The bible says to see got us not mark whatsoever. Mance does that chile reap if he's soda the flesh you'll reap corruption and if you soda this spirit you're reap life ever lasting so this series is how we can be growing christians. It's called whatever growing christian needs to know. Let's review what we've already seen together number one. If you wanna be a growing christian a successful believer you must read study and love. The word of god them repeat that again you must read study and love the word of god joshua one eight says. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. You shall meditate in it. Dan night that you may observe to do all that is written in it then you will have good success. Listen to this. A bible that is falling apart is an indication of a life. That isn't number two. We discovered that if you want to be successful in growing christian you must have a prayer life. The bible says that we are to pray without ceasing for this god's will increase concerning us and principle number three and this is what we're going to focus on this message to be a successful in growing christian indie actively involved in the church. If you want to be a growing christian you have to be actively involved in the church. Some say well. I don't need church to get close to god. you know. i feel close to god. When i'm golfing or when i'm surfing around when i'm hiking and i'll read a couple of verses and i'll say a little prayer and and that's my shirt i believe in the cathedral of nature you know and i don't need to go into some building with people in an organized kind of a way but actually you're really missing the point here now. I encourage you. When you're out golfing or hiking or surfing to pray you. That are surfing especially pray. If a great wine is approaching i did hear about a guy was out. Surfing and and a great white was approaching closing in for the kill. So this guy couldn't get this shore. He knew he was dead so he prayed is any clear thinking person would these hit. Oh god help me. God be at least i pray that it's a christian shark christian charts while the shark is closed in and he's getting ready to buy this guy and the shark says lord for this meal that i'm about to receive. I give you a true story. Not really pray when you're out and about but don't miss this point you need to be in the church. And when i say the church building per se but you need to be in a regular place. For god's people are gathering together for worship teaching and all the other wonderful things that the church does you need the church and the church needs you and the bible actually commends us to be a part of the church to be functioning part of the church hebrews. Ten twenty four says. Let's consider one another in order to stir up love and good works not for seeking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some but rather exhorting one another and so much more is the day of the lord is approaching a more modern translation puts up versus way. Let's see how inventive weekend. Be an encouraging love. In helping out not avoiding worshiping together has some do but spurring each other on especially as we see the big day approaching. Someone say well. I love jesus. I just don't love christians. Listen how can you love god who you can ansi when you can't love his people who you can see now if you love jesus you will love his people in fact. We're told him i john three fourteen. We know that we pass from death to life because we love our brothers and anyone who does not remains in depth so god gives us a love for the people that are part of the church and frankly not going to. Church is proved. Something is wrong with you spiritually. Because i don to one thousand nine hundred eighty s. These people left our churches because they never really belong with us otherwise they would have stayed with us when they left us. They proved they don't belong with us. You see so when you leave and never come back then that just shows. There's something wrong with you when your spiritual life the closer you are to god the closer you'll want to be with his people they're further. You are from god the further you will want to distance yourself from as people. So here's kind of a way to measure your life right now. A you look forward to more being at church with fellow. Brothers and sisters are hanging out with a bunch of nonbelievers if you find yourself uncomfortable with the christians and

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